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Athlete Lean/Strong, Trap Bar Alternative?



I really wish to do the Atlethe strong, athlete lean program but my gym doesn’t have a trap-bar. What would be an okay replacement? Would regular deadlifts be okay? (maybe at a lower percentage)


Snatch grip dead… low hips position in the start…as low as you can while having the shoulders above the bar


Hello CT have question on snatch girp deadlift form

There are two ways (to me) of doing it (I use #2):

  1. Your recommendation here, deep knee bend, hips low, chest up bar squeezed tight against shins from start and keeping everything tight (upper body barely moves) while “pulling”/squatting up.

  2. Body more parallel to floor, hips higher. Initiate with a knee bend explosion and pull up (kind of like snatch grip high pull). This feels more powerful and like a deadlift for me.

Which is proper?