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Athlete Lean & Strong Modifications

Really like the Athlete Lean and Athlete Strong program you designed CT. I want to give it a try but don’t have all the proper equipment. I was wondering if these modifications would still give me great results? I still will be following 5/2 diet during this program. Pretty lengthy post just warning ahead. Also it may be helpful to open another tab and have the program next to you as a reference. Thank you coach or anyone else taking their time to give this a critque, I appreciate it.

MON: Lower (Same as on program)
TUES: Upper
A. Power Snatch 3 x 3
(From Hang)

B. Snatch Grip High Pull 3 x 5

C1. Push Press (Same loading scheme)
C2. Pull-ups (AMRAP)

D. Barbell Landmine complex

  1. 10 Thrusters
  2. 10 (per arm) Kneeling landmine press
  3. 10 (per arm) rows
    D. Upper body barbell complex (3 rounds)
    1.Bent over rows x5
    2.Clean grip high pulls x5
    3.Military press x5

E. DBell Overhead Carry 3x60sec
F. Rowing Ergometer 2x500m

WED: Energy System work (Same as program)

THURS: Upper
A. Plyo push ups onto box 3x5

B. Plyo depth jump push ups 3x5

C1. Bench Press (Same loading Scheme)
C2. One Arm DBell Row

D. Upper Body Complex (3-4 rounds 60 sec rest)

  1. Incline DBell Press OR Floor press x6
  2. Renegade Rows x6
  3. Dips x6-8
  4. Inverted Rows x6-8

E. Farmers Carry 3x60 sec
F. Rowing Ergometer (following progression scheme)

FRI: Lower
Same as template except for dead squat carry.
Was thinking I could do: E1.Farmers Walk 3x60 sec
E2. DBell Lunges 3x60 sec ?

SAT: Strength Complex
(Using the same template)
Was thinking every other week switching up some of the main movements going
A1. Front Squat
A2. Dip
A3. Clean and Jerk (from Hang)
A4. Pull-ups
(Would this be ok? Or would this interfere with the loading scheme/progression of the other circuit?)

B. Car Pushes 6x50-80 yards

SUN: Energy Systems Work/Arms (Same as template)

Would this work? Thank you once again.

I haven’t read your program yet, but I will.

However I can tell you this: if the exercises changes you made work the same structures in a similar pattern and allow you to work hard it will work.

If it’s metcon work, as long as you go hard at it you will be fine. Metcon is much less complicated than people make it out to be.

Thanks I figured thats what would work but just wanted to check. Has anyone else used this program? and if so what were your results?