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"Athlete Lean, Athlete Strong" to Build Size and Strength?


Hi christian,

I really like the look of the layout of the athlete lean athlete strong program. I know it is geared toward performamce and fat loss but do you think it could work to get someone stronger and bigger? I would start by removing metabolic sessions and 5th training day and keeping it to 2 upper and 2 lower sessions but do rower interval sessions at the end of lower body days. Also increase calories. Base all numbers of a training max - and adjust 10lb for lower 5lbs for upper when all sets become very easy. So this could mean staying with certain weights for a month before increasing to get body used to the weights.


Not CT, but you want to do this program without metabolic sessions, without 5th day, you want to change rowing… You can just do this 4-week periodisation for main strength movements + targeted hypertrophy work, but it´s not ALAS.


Sometimes when you write a question, it’s difficult to see how it comes across. To paraphrase:

“I like program X, but want to change it so it will accomplish completely different goals than those it was designed. Can I omit days and randomly substitute exercises, and get the results I want?”

Don’t mean to be rude, but if your goals are “to get stronger and bigger”, as you say, why not choose a program that is designed to do just that?