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Athlete Lean, Athlete Strong: Jump Squat, Medicine Balls, Rest Periods


Coach C,

Few questions I have I didn’t find answers in the forums:

  1. Monday Jump squat- is that just doing a jump squat without weight? How do I apply 20% RM?

  2. Medicine ball work- heaviest in my gym is 14lbs and a 40lb slam ball. Tuesday medicine ball throw against the wall (Part A) I use the 40lbs ball but it seems light. How do I scale up to make these more difficult?

3.Rest time- I saw others ask about rest time without a clear response. I do as needed between 1 min and 2 min. Different recommendation?

Thanks for your help


It’s a jump with weight, hence the 20%. Either use a barbell (same position as a squat), a DB hel to your chest, or a pair of DB held to your side with the total weight equaling 20% of your max full back squat. In doubt, use less weight.


If you can throw 40lbs against the wall you must be a beast. I worked with an NFL lineman who could bench press over 500lbs and we only used 30lbs… the goal is NOT to throw as much weight as possible, it is to throw a moderate weight as hard and fast as possible


Use the shortest rest periods where you performance will not go down. For 1B this is often 90 sec


I can attest. I used a 10kg ball for the program and the ball complexes were brutal.


& @aldebaran

Is there a video that you suggest I look at for medicine ball throw against the wall and slam ball? Maybe I just feel like an idiot when I am doing them, but it is probably because I have incorrect form.


I don’t have a video by myself but this one looks okay for the chest throw: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-zHTwXA8mE