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Athlete In Need of Advice


Hello All,
I am a collegiate athlete and am interested in doing my first cycle, but am not really sure what I am doing. I am 22yo, 6-0 285 about 15% BF, 455 BP, 650 SQ. I am not particularly interested in gaining weight, but if I could lean out to about 12-13% and stay about the same weight I would be happy. Strength and power gains are really all that interests me.
So what are some ideas for good cycles for me? Thanks.


What sport ?

I assume football if your 285.

And I would also say your probably a little higher than 15% BF.

For strength and power I would say the standard "beginner" cycle will serve you well.

Read the "newbie cycle" thread. It outlines the basics behind cycles.


Track and Field (Shot Put) actually. I have been tested at 15.3% in the BodPod.


Would 30-60mg daily of Anavar have a significant effect on my strength?


30-60 is a huge range. 30/d wont do much in my opinion. 60/d is closer to an optimal dosage.

You would have to give your definition of significant for us to be able to answer. You would also need to tell us how long you will be running the var.


I was thinking of doing an 8 week cycle where I would go Week 1-30mg, 2-40mg, 3-50mg, 4-60mg, 5-60mg, 6-50mg, 7-40mg, 8-30mg and then 4 weeks of 30mg Nolva as a PCT.
I would call a 15-25lb jump in both lifts and a 5-7lb gain in LBM with a similar loss in fat, a significant result.


I've done 8 weeks of anavar before. I didn't notice any liver problems, but I didn't get tests done either, so I can't say for sure how safe that was. I did not drink alcohol at all though but I did drink a lot of water.

Pyramiding the dosage is pointless if you ask me. Do you have a reason for it.

20lb increase in lifts is feasible. It could be more or it could be less, your numbers are already quite high so I can't say it would be a guarentee.

Weight gain is too tricky for me to predict. Too many factors to take into account. Your goals are definately do-able though, I think.


Pyramiding the dosage was really just arbitrary. So would you suggest that I just go to 60mg right away and keep it there for all 8 weeks.
I understand the inability to predict the weight gain because of you not knowing my diet. Thanks for your help though.


No need to taper up.

Also I really don't think Var is the best fit for your goals.

Your not going to gain 7 pounds of muscle and lose 7 pounds of fat with just var.


Well to be honest I have no idea what dosage I used. It was a while ago. Maybe others will chime in with dosage suggestions.


Out of all the people I've talked to that have run Var as a stand alone, 100mg ED seems to be the optimal dose. That can get very pricey, considering Test is very cheap and most likely to give you better gains anyway.

Not sure how your situation is with testing, etc. Since var has a shorter detection time than most tests I believe.



Agreed, like I said, the standard test and dbol will serve him well.

Both are cheap and very easy to get.

Var is an incredibly expensive option for his goals. I have never used Var for anything but chicks's cycles (they love that shit more than chocolate btw)

Alot of guys love it for cutting/conditioning/hardening, I don't compete so I don't really have a need for the "shredded beyond belief" look.


So what kinda dosages am I looking at for the Test and D-Bol cycle? Also what kind of Test should I use? Thanks for the help guys.


Read the Steroid Newbie Cycle Planning thread (sticky) at the top of the steroid forum thread listings. It details exactly what you are looking for.