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I am a total PED novice, looking for advice on a potential 1st cycle, with the following numbers:

Age: 28
Weight: 123kg
bf%: ~28%
Squat: 220kg
Dead: 250kg
Snatch: 130kg
Clean: 165kg

I first picked up a bar at 18 and went to the gym regularly for sport till about age 22. I started strength training seriously about 5 years ago. At one point I managed to increase my squat from 135kg to 180kg while holding 8% bodyfat.

Inb4 the fatty comments; my bodyfat is high right now, this has been a steady and deliberate effort increasing bodyweight from 100kg over the past year. This was intentionally gained lean and fat mass. My nutrition is dialled, I can hit macros to +/-1g each, I am that anal. Also, training and technique is good.

Proposed Cycle
W 1-12 Test Prop 100mg EoD
W 6-12 Stanozalol (oral) 50mg ED
W 13-14 40mg Nolvadex ED (starting 3 days into week 13 i.e. 3 days after last Test Prop)
W 15-16 20mg Nolvadex ED

I’ve done a fair bit of reading from many sources and I think this ticks the boxes, but then again, I am a novice in this area and I don’t have a mentor.

I have considered including Trenbolone Hex 50mg EoD but for a newbie, I think what I have proposed should be enough to weed out nasty side effects and test response to each PED. Also, this adds an extra couple of weeks detection.

Aim here is to gain mass, improve recovery, strength and power with PED detection at 0 by the end of PCT or shortly thereafter (i.e. no deca, dbol etc.). I intend to keep some extra Nolva to hand in case side effects show up.

I would really appreciate any comments on:
-dose timing
-dosage amount
-should I replace he stand-by Nolva with an AI?
-increasing the Test Prop to 150mg EoD if no sides (as long as I have spare nolva/AI to hand)
-thoughts on keeping or removing stanozalol
-thoughts on including tren hex

I look forward to the comments.

Thanks in advance