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Athens, Texas?


Does anyone have any info about Athens, TX?

I might be applying to school there, Trinity Valley Community College.

Also, if anyone know anything about that school, please tell me about it.

I know all the basics about Athens and TVCC from the school website and city-data.com, but if you know something, let me know.


Typical small central Texas town, fairly close by Texas standards to DFW, i.e. less than 2 hours. The great event that is Canton is just to the north, maybe 20 minutes, also the home of the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Center, a neat palce to go if you're into fishing.

I also believe its in a dry county, so thats one strike against it.


I have no idea what a typical small central Texas town is like, I don't live in the States. Could you tell me a little more?

A dry county? Just one more good reason to not get drunk for 2 years:)

Thanks for answering.


If you are bringing an accent with you, expect a lot of pussy.


I'm bringing it!


The big cities in Texas are nice (Dallas, Houston, Austin etc..). The smaller places like Athens are dumps. Ignorant, racist rednecks everywhere. Think twice about going to school there.


Criticism from Oklahoma? HA!


You're from Oklahoma and you're talking trash about ingnorance and racism?

Give me a fucking break.


I live in NYC right now.

I wouldn't have any problem living in Houston, Austin, San Antonio, but lets be honest, go 30 minutes outside of those cities and you're in redneck country.


Actually 30 minutes outside of Houston or Dallas is still Houston or Dallas for all intent and puprose.

And what issue do you have with us so-called Rednecks, good sir?


"And what issue do you have with us so-called Rednecks, good sir?"

Nothing, really. I was born and raised in small-town, Oklahoma. Some of the nicest people you'll ever meet. But also some of the most bigoted pieces of shit also resided in my town.


Yeah see this is the type of thing I'm wondering about a little bit... rednecks..
See I'm black so I always think about those kind of things.
I don't know, it might be tough for someone who's not lived in said town to say something about it.
I've lived in small towns here most of my life, so I've gotten a lot of shit.. I'm also pretty much used to the fact that I face racism constantly in some form of another.. not that I approve of it..

I'm just wondering if they might be different over there. Back in the day I used to have a bad image of TX, but that's changed...
The town does have different ethnicities, like 20% black, almost 20% hispanic... Wondering if it's good or bad..


I spent a week in Athens a few years ago, just after they got a Wal-Mart (hitting the big time, obviously) :). I don't think the county is dry (I recall stopping at a package store a few miles outside of town)...but I think the city might be. Pretty town, though and good fishing nearby.

Rednecks around? Yeah, some, but in my view these are more gentle rednecks than the variety currently exploding around metro Atlanta as a reaction to the more progressive nature of the city. Most of these rednecks are more good-ol-boy-let's go fishing or mudding.

However, there is a cadre of folks you wouldn't call rednecks that have lived in the area forever...call it Texas aristocracy...that is probably more racist overall.

Biggest issue related to this forum: workout facilities. I recall that the TVCC campus facilities were OK but outside of that, what Athens had to offer was a travesty: A city-sponsored "fitness facility" with 20 year old machines maintained only sporadically, in a building that also housed an art center and other community activities. No showers or other amenities. Perhaps this has changed in the past few years, but this was the biggest downer I had about Athens. All the other aspects above (and discussed in this forum) were relatively minor, as Dallas is only about 90 minutes away if you want big city amenities.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for everyone's replies, now I have at least a little more information.