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Atheists: Lowest Charitable Giving


No surprise here..

They also volunteer more, donate more blood, offer more help to the jobless and homeless, and are more likely to cheer up when you're blue.

In atheist's defense, they still hold the top positions in the music, movie and gambling industries.

(And before anyone starts getting all "righteous" on me, see here: http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/world_news_war/bible_belt_highest_divorce_rate )


You know my drug, hooker and gambling connections will cheer you up when you're blue.




We are apparently more likely to be autistic too.

And I always thought that I was only dyslexic.



Opps, forgot to include the link.



Must be God punishing you.


Atheists make up 10% of the population (allegedly), so you're going to have to explain people like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates. And Andrew Carnegie. And George Soros. And Ted Turner (who is admittedly a kook). Also DWB/MSF and similar organizations. Proportionally speaking, we have you beat by a long shot.

Assuming you're making who is the most charitable a contest.




The percentages aren't of total population, but of the individual categories under consideration..

"Forty percent of worship-attending Americans volunteer regularly to help the poor and elderly, compared with 15% of Americans who never attend services."

I don't understand what you're getting at with the proportional thing. 40% of us..., compared to 15% of you...

And how does DWB factor in? We give to secular organizations, too. As mentioned in the article.


I donated to Erowid. Does that count?


The difference is most religious folk donate so they will get something in return.


Charity "giving" is just buying the feeling of self-esteem, peace of mind, religious/moral gratification.


Sounds like justification for being selfish.

So, to really do good, you can't feel good about doing the good?


Really? And what would that be?


Who needs justification to be selfish? Existence requires it.


If someone throws you a surprise party, is it okay to stay mad at them for having forgotten your birthday even after everyone yells, "SURPRISE!" and we're all eating birthday cake and drinking champagne?

Hint: finish reading my OP and follow the link, Mak old buddy.


So atheist charitable giving is like a random nervous tic?


Hold on, I just can't leave this alone. Let me try one:

The reason atheists folk don't donate is because the existentialist angst that plagues them each numbered day pretty much jackhammers into the chemical reaction they call a conscience: "What's the use?"

How'd I do?


Pretty good


No, we do it because it makes us feel good, too.

Its purely out of our own selfish, ego driven lust for significance that we do it. Just like anyone else.


Just so we are all abundantly clear, this post was NOT meant in any seriousness on my part. It was a response to the troll turds colt44 has been dropping all over the forum the past day.

It was not intended to instigate real discussion, Heaven forbid.