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Atheists Less Charitable 2.0


You guys are right, atheists are less charitable.


American Cancer Society refuses $500,000 from atheists

Michael Stone, Humanist Examiner
October 13, 2011

The American Cancer Society has turned down a donation worth $500,000 from the Foundation Beyond Belief, a secular charity funded by atheists, freethinkers, and humanists.

Thursday, the Foundation Beyond Belief issued a formal statement indicating that their offer to raise up to a half million dollars through the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life program was recently tabled when the American Cancer Society declined to allow the Foundation to create a national Relay team as other non-profits have done.

While the American Cancer Society (ACS) claims their inability to work with the Foundation Beyond Belief (FBB) has nothing to do with the Foundation's godless stance, the evidence indicates otherwise. The fact is, the ACS allows other non-profits to participate in the national relay, and the only conceivable reason for the ACS to disallow the FBB from participating is their somewhat controversial position towards religious belief.


We already know. Remember, 'Atheists Less Charitable 1.0.'


By the way, they DIDN'T turn down the money. The FBB decided not GIVE the money, when they didn't meet the standards as a National Team. They were invited to participate in the local team programs. It's funny, because they got schooled on their own site, by commentators pointing out that FBB donations weren't rejected. They simply weren't given a status alongside the likes of Geico and Staples...On the National teams programs.

So they took their ball and went home instead of participating in the local programs.


Then what happened?


Good grief are you guys ever sensitive about this.

For the third time now, I posted that thread as a JOKE to illustrate the absurdity of the slew of anti-Christian posts being slopped around by that colt44 guy at the time.


I edited my post. FBB thought they should be given special consideration to hang with the likes of Tyson foods in the national program....They took their own ball and went home.


Well the thing is, they were initially enthusiastic about putting the atheist organization on the Relay for Life ballot. Then without reason they decided to change their minds and not allow them on the ballot.

So what changed?


What has been suggested is that the ACS was worried about bad PR having an atheist organization on the ballot. They figured an atheist organization would deter theist run organizations from donating in the future.


The National program changed. Not even the Girl Scouts qualify, they participate through the local programs. ACS has even made releases, you know, in the media, that they're absolutely open to FBB's donations and participation alongside the likes of, well, the Girl Scouts.

As a commentator on their own website points out;
"In addition to requirements to promote and advertise for the Relay, the National Team Partners are required to recruit and maintain at least fifty teams in each of at least two states (that's 100 relay teams, or roughly 100 times what the FBB was promising to do). In point of fact, the 52 partner organizations have created and maintain more than 7,800 teams as of this year's program - that's about 150 teams each. Collectively, these teams have raised over $21 million to date

FBB could simply send a check or just participate in the relay at the local level just like everyone else. If itâ??s good enough for the Girl Scouts (who are NOT on part of the National Team) then shouldnâ??t it be good enough for FBB?"



Here's their 2011 brochure. It lists the above requirements, as stated above.

Also, look at the logos of the participating partners qualifying for the corporate partner reocgnition. Do you see any big in your face religious organizations? Someone wanted to politicize this...and it wasn't the ACS. The 'Foundation Beyond Belief' didn't even qualify in order to insert a non-secular tone amongst force-religion-down-our-throats groups like...Rolls-Royce?




Well done Sloth!


That thread was hardly full, why did you start another?


Wasn't really trying to continue the thread, just saw this article pop up and wanted to discuss it.

Thought this had a catchy title.


Any title followed by 2.0--X 2.0--is catchy stuff. I've no argument with you there.


I enjoy knowing that atheists will burn in hell even if they do not believe in it, or it can be like in Dante's Divine Comedy: the Purgatario where heretics just burn for ever in the coffin they were buried in(this takes in to account the assumption someone actually cared enough about the godless heathen to even give them a proper burial)


You sir are one good Christian.


I am glad to know that my eternal suffering will be a source of amusement.

You are welcome.


So if Jesus was sitting next to you and you guys were talking to an atheist this drivel would come out of your mouth?


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The religious people on here are a bunch of hypocrites, get used to it.