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Atheists I Bet You're Bricking Yourselves





Is this the same God that allowed the Holocaust and genocides?

Just wondering, because if it's the same God then he obviously doesn't give a flying fuck about us.


I think that guy wishes he was holding something other then a banana in his hand.

lol @ :54...just look at his face...


Modern day farmed bananas are a result of man.





how the hell you guys find this shit puzzles me more then the content itself


lol, that video had to be a joke.


He actually just proved that we must have evolved from apes then sice he was showing hoe ergonomically it fits our hands and all. Apes came first.


How the hell did you find out about Dr. Struwwelpeter?


this dude really bases his faith on the design of a banana?

it like this is the first one he's ever seen

"just look at how well crafted it is"


I feel like even Kirk Cameron was thinking " Come on......."


I am not sure if the banana was created for the human hand, it's a humorous thought though. It is kind of ridiculous.


It's one of the most awesome children's books ever.


check this out

i think this is too funny not to be a joke.


It's still annoying as hell.

And the original video in the thread isn't funny, it's fucking scary when you think about that many people REALLY think like these dudes.


wow. thanks. a three year old video. that's gotta be worth a new topic.
oh, wait...
instead you could post a link to this

or this




Der Candy's video is a joke. I've seen all of that guys stuff before, most of it is pretty funny.

As for the original video, I second that it's scary thinking about how many people apply this line of though to everything they see. I'd be interested to see whether or not the original video was a joke. What I think is REALLY scary is that given how so many Christians argue it's not at all obvious whether it is a joke or not.


Bananas are that way because man cultivated them to become that way. Those are "domestic bananas".
Real, wild bananas don't look like that at all.

Arguement : fail.


Theists I bet you're bricking yourselves