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Atheists are Better than You...


So it turns out that atheists are more ethical, intelligent, better looking, better parents and overall have larger genitalia than religious folk. It says so in the Washington Post:

It turns out that religious people are bad dancers, murderers, thick, bigoted, bad lovers with a large percentage of micro-penis syndrome sufferers.

Thought this article may be of interest.

Settle down I was only kidding... I'm sure some of you are very good dancers.


Highly unlikely.



I know more believers than non-believers and I can't say there is any difference as far as being a good person.
My dad is a believer and was totally accepting of me not being.
Maybe I just hang out with better believers, also I'm not American, so I guess those studies don't apply to me.




Thanks but I don't believe you.


That may be true but I know who I would rather have as my phone a friend on who wants to be a millionaire.


I sometimes think that not all who claim to be believers really are, like politicians and people who only attend church during special occasions. As an atheist I have difficulty believing believers really believe. If that makes sense. lol




I know what you're saying, but no. I think most are believers, but I think they just don't follow it.


So basically you think most are believers (even atheists) and I think most are atheist (even believers)?


No, I think that there might be some believers who say they are atheist (not sure why), but I think most atheists are genuine. What I am saying is that most believers are actual believers they just don't take their own medicine.


No you didn't. You thought: 'how can I piss off the religious guys' and start another 'I'm so clever because I'm an atheist' thread at the same time? Gee, I wonder where this thread will lead...God of gaps anyone? Russell's teapot? Omnipotence paradox? The wheel of futility turns again...


It's true he's being a shit disturber.
It seems like this is something that both sides do. I'm not sure how any of these things can be effectively debated if we can't agree on the beginning.

I'm ateapotist too. ; )


I thought maybe you were referring to that "no atheists in a foxhole" expression, or however it goes.
I was not raised in a religion so my exposure was limited, friends, summer camps, etc. I wonder if I was raised in a religion if I would still be an atheist. I think I would still be a skeptic but not sure I wouldn't be a believer. Do you think you would be a believer if you were not raised with religion, that is provided you were raised with religion?


I like how some of the social positions are held out as basic moral principles.


Other than the death penalty and possibly corporal punishment for children, I don't see anything that isn't a pretty Manichean right-and-wrong issue.

Basic morality: torture is bad, racism is bad, sexism is bad, homophobia is bad, Antisemitism is bad, environmental degradation is bad, human rights are good. That doesn't seem too controversial.


Higher taxes are bad, handing money to people who didn't earn it and don't deserve it is bad, bigger government sucking up more power is bad.


Hey! Don't knock it till you've tried it.


"Consider that at the societal level, murder rates are far lower in secularized nations such as Japan or Sweden than they are in the much more religious United States, which also has a much greater portion of its population in prison. Even within this country, those states with the highest levels of church attendance, such as Louisiana and Mississippi, have significantly higher murder rates than far less religious states such as Vermont and Oregon."

Racially homogeneous countries have less crime. Racially homogeneous states have less crime. Greater freedom has a price.

"Nontheism isnâ??t all balloons and ice cream. Some studies suggest that suicide rates are higher among the non-religious."

analysis: Atheists with micropenises committ suicide. Atheist parents of baby boys with micropenises turn them into girls.

"They are more likely to practice safe sex than the strongly religious are"

translation: They are more at risk due to having more sex partners.

Where is the part about dancing, lovers, penises et al? Of course the answer to that is that atheists have no moral problem with lying on surveys especially when it makes them look good.


What do you mean by the beginning, what do you think happened at the beginning or what is the beginning?