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How do Atheist readers of this website view this website? What is your opinion, as an Atheist, of this website? (thx to Lonnie, for starting this whole line of inquiry)

hmm intestesting question… I view this website as an interesting website.

btw there is no god, just admit it you god loving people! DAMMMIT! DAMN YOU ALL TO NO-AFTERLIFE!

Atheist - you had better pray you’re right… wait, who would you pray to? grin

Hark, i cast down upon thee a life cursed to hell. Heaven is full of T-Women dressed in nothing but white victoria secret panties and little tank tops and the highest quality of anabolics available. So bow to me immediately and you shall be blessed to a life of ass and mass!

Its nice to view anything w/ no particular bias.

Are you a human being? If so, you observe the world aroud you with biases independent of your adherence to, or lack of, a religious belief. Not trying to be arguemenative. But, let’s all be honest. We all have biases. One may be biased in the favor of premarital sex, one may not. So on so forth. The point is simply being human makes us biased.

Lacking moral constraints, few atheists would be offended by anything on this web site. If anything, it’s a bit conservative for my tastes. Yeah, it’s badass, but badass tainted with conservative religious values.

And michelle, you’re the one who should be hoping you are right. If you are wrong, you will have wasted your only life doting on a fairy tale figure invented by people too pansy-assed to face the inevitability of their own demise.

whoa there mikey! lets back the intolerance train up, son! I believe and God, and know that I am mortal and there is not a stinkin thing i can do about it. Death is part of life. unavoidable. Next time someone disagrees with you for being an athiest, for whatever reason, and you pull out the old tolerance card, the dont push your beliefs on me card, take a look back at your post. practice what you preach, pal. you are the reason many religous/spiritual people wont talk about their beliefs, and the reason many are so apt to hammer other non-believers. You cannot simply live and let live, die and let die, no, you have to take shots at someones heart and soul w/ your immature rantings about fairytales… sad… very sad… a grown man acting so childish.

Ummm, you’ll notice that part of my message was directed to michelle, who delivered a version of the ‘If you don’t believe in my god you’ll go to hell,’ argument.

I don’t attack people for their beliefs, no matter how absurd they are (in fact, I mainly date Christians). But if they give me shit about mine, then I’ll shove my beliefs just as far down their throats as they cram their beliefs down mine.

T-mag constrained by religious values? Huh? Have I missed something? Too conservative for your taste? I’ve been thinking about this and just can’t see it. Have you read the Atomic Dogs? The steroid articles? This mag has some rather explicit discussions of the steroidal and sexual nature. I’m not attacking you. In fact, I’m curious to know what more you would want to see in the site. Sex? Drugs? In what ways do you feel they being prudish?

Atheism does NOT equal lack of moral constraints. There are underlying morals that the entire human race values. It’s the nitpicky stuff that a particular religion focuses on that athiests reject - for the most part.

I haven’t been an athiest for a long time, but I was when I was a boy scout. You don’t get much moral than that :slight_smile:

Mike - evidently, you missed the point. Before you spout off your usual ‘I’m a Liberaterian and the rest of you are stupid’ drivel, READ THE DAMN POST. Did I say you were going to hell? And did I shove my beliefs down your throat? You can do an exaustive search of my posts, I have never ‘shoved my beliefs down anyones throat.’ Calling someone’s beliefs absurd IS an attack by the way… you have a superiority complex worse than anyone I have ever known, what is it you are hiding? Now, let me hold your hand through reading my post. First I made a comment about praying you are right, then I said who will you pray to, THEN I said grin indicating I was being FUNNY. I am sorry that my humor was below your notice, you got defensive pretty quickly.

Da Man - Thanks.

Atheism DOES imply lack of moral constraints. Wrong is defined to be what god punishes, and right, what god rewards. If there is no god to punish or reward, there are no actions that fall under the categories ‘right’ or ‘wrong’.

Now you can give me some bullshit about right be what we should do, and wrong being what we shouldn’t, but to do so would be to beg the question. There are no actions I should do, nor are there any actions I should not do, since the whole idea of an external obligation (which is what the word ‘should’ implies) is inherently absurd. There is no abstract moral force nor god nor person nor anything else that obligates me to do anything, or not to do anything.

This applies to the Jewish and Christian threads as well. GOD, if there is one (I’m not taking any sides here), COULD NOT POSSIBLY GIVE A SHIT about how much weight you lift, protein you drink, or, for that matter, which football team wins the Superbowl. Therefore I conclude that there should be separation of Weightlifting and Religion.

wow… I tohught I was the only one on the forum that didnt belive in god! And Mike, youre partly right… but there are things that you know are right from wrong with or without god. Obviously killing someone for no good reason is wrong. And somethings on this website are very religious,… but I take that with a grain of salt. I come from the town where the “What would jesus do” came from, Holland , MI. There aren’t many atheists here. I am sure there are a lot more in the world and I can’t wait to find a girl that is atheist. I don’t know if I’d be able to marry someone who wasnt atheist… and I digress… but its good to know im not the only one on here with this non-belief… Youre awesome mike!

Amen to that. :wink:

ay, how can u say that atheism does imply a lack of moral constraints…? you say right is what god likes and wrong is what god dislikes, but you would only follow that if you believe in god. for those that don’t, right and wrong are something else…unless you are an aethiest born and raised as a hermit, you will have moral constraints, as these are placed on you by culture, society, government, religions you don’t follow (you say you date christians, so if you are doing something and your gf says ay you shouldn’t do that, what will you do? of course that depends on what you are doing, but you get the point), and perhaps from many other sources. morals are passed down through parents, you pass them on down to your kids. were your parents aethiest MTL? i think it is also important to bring up the fact that relion doesn’t necessarily mean moral contraints…what about those fuckin christian rapers, those christian robbers, those christian murderers? personally, i am aethiest. i see religion as an organized form for people to seek security from. basically, most people can’t handle the truth, they live they die and that’s the end of them. and that’s fine.

i wish more aethiest chics were around too man…

no prob, michelle. I caught your humor that mikey obviously overlooked. i guess he considers even mentioning the word Christian to be “shoving your beiliefs down his throat.” but, whatever floats his boat, he can go sailing… to the athiests present in this discussion- what is your undeniable fact that you are correct? you think we just die and that is it. this may be true. but others may think that we die and there is something after. and this too, may be true. I dislike how so many are so quick to say that they are right… How do you know? Each person is entitled to their own views and opinions, as long as the agree w/ you, right? come on, get over it. you may be right, and if so, I will die knowing I lived a good life. an altruistic existence. and even greek philosophers saw this as one of the greatest existences one could have. And they werent Christian. what up w/ that? so, i am not going to shove my beliefs down anyones throat, cuz its not my job to ensure your salvation. but, in turn, get over yourselves…