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Atheism Is So Darn Sexy


Good times :smiley:


I'd so hit it


Go atheism!


Wow she is very attractive.

That accent of hers amplifies this effect.



Same girl on women and men: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2jlSxtxUpY&feature=related

Shes cute, shes sexy, shes obviously intelligent, shes got a good sense of humor, demonstrates astounding common sense...and one devilishly sexy Eastern European accent, to boot :smiley:


Alas, she's married.


More good times :smiley:




Her mind, accent and personality are bloody brilliant.

Pity she's built like a stick-bug.


Agreed. Im a sucker for the smart ones who dont take themselves too seriously yet know how to convey an intelligent message with both clarity and hilarity :smiley:


Fucking hot. 2 ways from sunday. Smart girl.


I have to post again.

Damn she is hot.


"how bald were they"


she is wonderful.


She`s got a sweet side too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iQpkNI3jKv4&feature=channel_page

I think I`m in love a little bit ;-p

BTW, watching that crow was both inspiring and downright amazing.

The main video on her Youtube channel where she concludes by telling all the haters and death-threat senders to FUCK OFF to the sounds of Rage Against The Machine....[u]pure FUCKING GOLD![/u] :smiley:


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZF5uQfpbDs so cool


"You can call me Casper!" BHAHAHAHA! :smiley: I love this girl!


Eh shes ok.

Id do her, but Im not going to watch her videos just to see her.


I only watched the first video, but i liked it. I agree she is pretty and the accent makes it even hotter. I agree with her about religion too.


I hear ya. I watched her videos not to see her but for their content. The fact that she`s cute is just icing on the cake.