ATG Squats - Pinched Knee Nerve?

I have been doing many of the exercises by Kneesovertoesguy to help build up my quads and knees, and it has been going very well for a couple of months. Recently, when doing the ATG split squat, it seems like the hamstring pressed against the calf pretty hard, and now I have what feels like a pinched nerve in the knee. It’s very sensitive if I press on the gastroscemius muscle, and I can feel it down the shin. For the most part the pain is on the inside of the calf. I imagine bending the knee that far is what did it, rather than some pressure on the calf from the hamstring. I’m just curious if anyone else has done something similar, and what can remedy it.

I haven’t experienced this, but I’d take a one variable at a time approach. If you suspect it is the deep squatting, try a just to depth of even a bit high squat for awhile and see if that makes it better.

Knee sleeves are a good investment if you don’t have them. I had sore knees a lot until I bought a pair.

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Thanks, I’ve been meaning to get some knee sleeves. I think this nerve issue might be originating at the hip, too, and it makes sense to not aggravate it with excess knee flexion.

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I did this previously and dislocated my kneecap… would not recommend weighted ATG squats to anyone, unless I wanted them to get hurt.

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Doc here, There are several things that can go wrong when getting that deep Especially under load. A pinched nerve is less likely - thankfully.

However, if the tibia (lower leg bone) and the femur (upper leg bone) are not lining up you can:

  1. Pinch the meniscus which can feel like pressure to stabbing pain. Can cause popping and locking of the joint. Get it checked out!
  2. Can cause the start of a Baker’s Cyct which often will feel like pressure and an intense tightness or pain at the back of the knee on either side.
    or several other things.

Either way, the progression of KOTneeds to be taken slowly and the movement perfected before loading. Movement before strength! Even when you have great motion, then the tissues have to be strengthened to handle the forces of load at the end ranges of motion.

But you keep doing slow, deliberate movements and you can build bulletproof knees - no doubt.


Thanks - I don’t have either of these two symptoms, thankfully. It’s more like a pain along the shinbone, under the calf muscles, along the inside part of the leg. It tends to come and go. I wasn’t using any load, spending a month doing the ATG still lit squat on two steps, then a month on one, then on flat ground. I’ll see a doctor if it continues.

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@aclaar877 ,
Thanks for clarifying. Its difficult to appreciate the full nature of problems like yours, so thanks for the time to explain it.

This video is for you and should better target your problem better. I hope this is more helpful!

YouTube Video Link: Arch Control and Tibia Motion for Injury Forum

Let me know if I can be of more help!

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Wow, thanks for making a video just for me. I’m blown away. I think it might be that deep muscle pull you mentioned-it hurts when I try to sprint, but I can run slow if I keep the ankle fairly stiff. The more exterior muscles are fine, and I also thought of a stress fracture because I had ruled out those bigger calf muscles. But I can jump without feeling much. It’s where the ankle really dorsiflexes and has to push - that’s where the pain is. I’ve been wearing casual shoes with terrible arch support, and probably pronated too much. And the ATG split squats could have affected that deep muscle in a negative way. The tibia rotation exercise works fine with no issues. So I guess stay away from running and watch the squats and lunges, and don’t aggravate it. Your explanation of a deep muscle running inside along the tibia makes perfect sense. I’d feel pain along the whole thing, and that’s why I wondered about a pinched nerve.

Dr, I have another related question, if you don’t mind. On some Cossack squats two weeks ago, I’m afraid I went too deep, and let too much weight sink into that knee. The knee has swollen up, with some strain on the inside of the knee near where the hamstring insertion is. The only pain though is when I flex (the swelling restricts movement) and when it’s completely straight. If there is any structural damage it feels like it would be on the inside of the knee. I’ve trained through it, but later on it will stiffen up and feel a little bit worse. I’d appreciate your insight if you have seen something like this before. I’ve definitely learned my lesson though…