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ATG Squats 2x Week?


I'm currently doing a lot of PC work, when July rolls around I'll be starting a strength orientated program. I have always squatted a few degrees past parallel. Although after looking into the advantages of ATG squats, I am very compelled to begin preforming them.

For strength gains, would it be more beneficial to ATG squat 2x each week, or rotate between ATG, box squats, and wide stance?


Madcow's 5x5 would be a good option for this.


The approach I was planning to take was compound strength movements Mon/Tues (upper/lower) and then some isolation work Thurs-Sat. Either way I'm certainly hitting legs twice a week!


I'd go with a 5x5 approach using full rep ass to ankles, pin squats 2 sets at about 1/2, 2 sets at about 3/4, and like 1 set of frontsquats alternating with legpress and just rep it to failure since you look like a bodybuilder type and love hypertrophy, something of that nature at least; I have a fear of box squats because of the compression effect it has on your spine if your going heavy


Doing Front Squats ATG and Back squats ATG on different days of the week. Also throw in some (light, but go heavy if u like) single leg work every other week to prevent inbalances 'n stuff.


Thanks for the feedback, the split I'm currently on I'm training hams Mon and quads Thurs. Here's the exercises I've been doing the last four weeks.

*Note: each exercise is preceded by 1-2 warm up sets.

Front squats 3x8 - 120s rest
Wide Stance Leg Presses 3x6 - 60s rest
Quad Extensions (toes in) 2x8 (Drop sets) - 60s rest
BB Hack Squats 3x10 - 60-90s rest


A) RDL 3x8
B1) Unilateral Ham Curl 2x8
B2) KB Lunge 2x10
C) Glute-ham raises 3x Failure

I'm not squatting right now as you can see but I include a lot of unilateral work. I have never done box squats consistently and never tried partial reps. I like the sound of ATG back squats and ATG front squats on different days of the week. Supersetting FS and LP sounds like fun.

Are the pin squats on the same day?


Ya, I normally do 1 day of squats + deadlift and one day of cleans/jerks + deadlift.
The squat day used to look something like this, Im chaning it though and adding in more ballistics

Deadlift /ss/ 1/2 squats (5x5)/(5x3)
Front Squats 5x5
ATG Squats 5x5
Hamgstring raises 5xfailure

My leg strength's went up alot, so much so that my grip gives out way before my legs on deadlifts so it works, its just a bear to get thru.


if you wanna increase your squat. just squat 3x a week.
5x5 one day, same weight for all reps/sets on monday
2x5 reps at 80% of mondays weight (should b easssyy)
and then friday squat 1x5. for 3 weeks, 1x3 for 3 weeks.


Aren't you supposed to ramp weights for a 5x5? I imagine it would take a lot of rest time to recover otherwise.


If we're talking Bill Starr 5x5 protocols, beginners would usually use straight sets (5x5) where intermediates would ramp it up (1x5).

I had good luck with the intermediate version ('Madcow') and only doing the heavy (monday: 1x5) and medium days (1x3), bringing my 5RM up about 30kg.

Here's a fuck-ton of articles some danish guy put together:


Depends on what you want to do.

I ATG squat 3x a week as well as OLIft 3x a week.



My main goal is to craft some large wheels and some diamond calfs, I'm willing to do whatever it takes. I'm very dedicated to this goal, I want to take the best approach possible.


I'm currently squatting ATG 2x a week and my legs are exploding been doing it for 10-12 weeks definitly going to be a permanent fixture in my programme. 1 ME day (tuesday) followed by Rep PB day (thursday).


Here's a program I created after reading CT's 'Specialization Zone'

Quad/Ham Specialization:

A) ATG Back Squats 5*3-5 (120s)
B) Romanian Deadlift 4*6-8 (90s)
C) Leg Press OR Bulgarian Squats 4*6-8 (90s)

A) Bentover BB Row 4*6-8 (120s)
B) Bench Press 4*6-8 (120s)
C) Pull-Ups 3*8-12 (60s)
D) Standing BB Press OR Hammer Strength Shoulder Press 3*8-12 (90s)
E) Skull Crushers 3*8-12 (60s)
F) BB Curl 3*8-12 (60s)

A) Leg Press OR Bulgarian Squats 4*6-8 (90s)
B) ATG Front Squats 3*8-12 (60s)
C) Unilateral leg curls 3*12-15 (45s)

Thursday: OFF

A1) ATG Back Squats 6-8 reps
A2) SLDL 8-12 reps
A3) BB Lunge 12-15 reps

3 minutes rest/3 triple sets

Saturday/Sunday: OFF

I'm debating wether I should implement this program, redo one that focuses on hams/calfs, or just stick to something simple.

Any advice is welcome, thanks.


your rest periods look messed up..

"A) ATG Back Squats 5*3-5 (120s) "

120s for a 3-5 is not the best idea.. especially for a 3.. but whatever.



True, I tried to stick to the format CT had laid out and didn't consider changing the rest periods.