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ATG Squat to Parallel Squat Ratio


I'm curious what everyone's ratio in these two different forms of squatting.

I've done 315x5 for 2 sets of ATG squat, and have parallel'd 365x5 fairly easily with plenty left in the tank. I train ATG exclusively.


Also, so as to not make another thread. What's a decent atg squat to bench press ratio. Most i've read suggest a 2x bw squat is good with a 1.5x bw bench press. Is that 2x bw squat parallel?


Most people don't do both, so someone will likely be better at one than the other. Personally, I don't think about depth I just squat. Now as far ATG goes, I think the most I've done 385 for reps beltless. My best squat period is 485 (with a belt) and had plenty left in the tank. I'm going for 505x2 tomorrow if I'm not too trashed.


I have no idea. Powerlifting is squatting for lights, not for depth. Any extra movement is wasted energy and a lower total.


ATG is silly IMO . Many will break parallel but still have lessor rom than others. This is due to proportions that are different or mobility differences . And storm the beach already made the most important point .


Depends on the squatting form. A high bar close stance squat A2G may only be parallel.

The way some of the o-lifters and stuff squat, they have to go ass to grass to get past parallel.

Wide stance low bar makes it to where you can get to that same hip to knee depth without going as deep overall with the weight.


I generally always think of ATG squatting as O-lifting style personally. Everything else is PL specific or parallel to me.


What some people think is atg squatting barely nudges parallel if it even does.


You are absolutely correct. It is a bit of a subjective term. Like another poster stated, even breaking parallel can vary by individual. I was working with a high school lifter and she was having trouble understanding where 'below parallel' was for her until we used a band across the rack for her butt to touch. She was stunned with how close to the floor the band was for her to break parallel because of her levers.


Yeah, I'm aware most powerlifters don't ATG. Just asking for those who dabble with both forms of squatting.

I've noticed, no matter what(to me), that if I can ATG a weight for reps I can add significantly more weight and parallel squat it for reps.






I've never seen much difference in lifters that are good at the squat. I'd be interested in a video of what you consider parallel.


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I am one of those rare creatures that can squat MORE ATG than if I cut it a little high at or around parallel.

I think this is because I am more of an explosive lifter, but I am injury prone and stopping the weight at parallel is where most of my squatting injuries have occurred.

now that is true for RAW free squats (that means belt only or nothing at all for me)

with briefs, suits, box squatting, that is a different animal.

by best ATG belt only squat was 230-240kg. I routinely did 180-200kg for reps.

with suit, breifs, wraps and a belt off a dead parallel box I have done 680.


i dont have any recent vids. ive got a vid from january that was 2 months after training from a year layoff. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_lFZrb3Vbg what i consider ATG. and an even older vid of a parallel squat, shitty quality. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZaF82zkPZk


Yep, and this changes based on their build , mobility, levers and stance .


The wider your stance the higher your ATG position will be. The more you sit your butt back the higher your ATG position will be.

I've wondered (but I'll admit that I don't know) whether the point of powerlifting style squatting might be to adopt the degree of width and sitting back-ness that places their bottom position... Uncontroversially (3 white lights) below parallel.

In which case... Below parallel = ATG for them.

For Olympic Lifting the aim is to get your torso down as low under the bar as possible. To achieve greater depth they adopt a narrower stance and sit their butt straight down instead of back. They lift considerably less weight that way than powerlifters do with their wider and sitting back style squat. That is okay, though, since the limiting factor for Oly Lifting is typically balancing the bar overhead rather than standing up the squat. I don't know many people who train both styles (don't know why one would), though.


Excellent points in general but this is key. (This is my amateur .02 of course.) When you are dealing with the massive weights that the elite OL are using, the lifters have to be focused just as much on dropping beneath the weight, as they are in heaving it up off the ground. The lower you can drop, the better your chances of getting under the weight. Plus the more upright your torso, the better the physics for actually holding on to the weight, when/if you catch it.


I dont squat as much as most, so what I find is there is a 10# difference per inch lost below parallel for me.
this equates to a 55#+ difference. I also have a stupid amount of flexability and can get my ass 5 inches from the floor with a 33" inseam...for what it is worth.