ATG Squat Rounding

When I squat I always, always try to go ATG. I don’t go VERY heavy (right now, I rep 225). I’m just trying to get in shape for my honeymoon in May so I’m PL’r.

The problem is, when I hit around parallel my very lower back starts to round. I mean its like my ass is trying to tuck tail like a dog.

I’ve watched all the Squat Rx vids and I’m very flexible (sickly so for a guy - i can put my feet behind my head, touch palsm to the floor anytime, etc etc). I have also been stretching out the hip flexor continuously for weeks. My core strength isn’t the greatest, but I can take a punch to the gut if i choose.

Basically, I think I should be flexible enough and strong enough to keep a proper back form ALL the way down. Am I leaning too far forward or am I just delusional in that I’m not flexible/strong enough?

Unfortunately, I do not have access to a vid camera. The best way I can describe it is my butt tucks under at the bottom and I lose the arch in the VERY bottom of my back. The rest of my lower back is still tightly arched.

Hey, now too many other guy who can touch their palms to the floor. Hell I remember in high school only like 3 out of a class of 20 could touch their toes (although most probably weren’t even trying). Anyway, how are you holding the bar? I find that a high bar position with about a shoulder-width stance and toes pointed slightly out is best suited for full squats.

Sorry. I use a high bar stance. Feet slightly wider than shoulder stance and a slight outward turn. The main form issue I have now is that I sometimes put too much weight on my toes and not heels. Thats from athletics back in the day I guess.

FYI- This happens regardless of whether I’m perfectly sitting back on my heels or too far on my toes.

If you really care about fixing this, either find someone at your gym who’s doing it right, or find a way to get us a video. In lieu of that, if your form is a problem then you’re using too much weight, plain and simple.

Have you tried front squats?

Does it occur if you get into a full squat position without weight on your back (goblet squat/broomstick)?

If so, then you don’t have the flexibility to squat ATG yet. If not, then you probably lack the lower back strength to maintain a proper spinal position.

I’d suggest practicing getting into a rock bottom squat position and just holding the position to work on building the flexibility to properly reach that position. If you haven’t done so, check out this vid on squatting:

One final thing, can you get rock bottom if you place your heels on plates? If so, then you might need to work on your ankle flexibility.

Ohh and don’t forget to

Seriously, I used to wobble a bit, and remembered in HS our coach used to yell at us to look up at a certain point at the wall, I tried looking up and I did better in the balance department.

Just because you can touch your palms to the floor doesn’t mean you have HIP flexibility. It can be accomplished by bending your lumbar spine and not flexing enough at the hip joint. Try out “prying” I think Pavel Tsatsouline has an article about it. I’ve been doing it for years before I knew there was a name for it. Works like a charm.