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ATG Squat Form Issue


My lower back rounds when I get just below parrallel - what measures can be taken to stop this?

Thanks for any replies, anything would help!


This is often the result of short hamstrings and/or hips flexors. A simple stretchning regime (many can be found on this site) will undoubtably help. One particular stretch to try: assume kneeling position on the floor (hands and knees on floor). From here, push your butt backwars as far as you can while maintaining the curve in your low back. Seek to improve your ROm in this stretch.


Try strengthening your abs, they help keep the back rigid during squats. Always do abs, HEAVY. This works for me anyway....


Thanks a lot, I'm on it :slight_smile:

I'll work on my abs a bit harder just to be sure.




I agree with working on flexibility. Strong abs and core will help as well, but you gotta get your flexibility going. Try dynamic warm ups, hurdle drills, and hip mobility on the ground drills which Im sure are somewhere on this site.

Get with a college athlete for the dynamic warm up stuff for ideas if you dont know any, track athletes for the hip mobility and hurdle drills, or Im trying to think of books that have these drills in them...Renegade Training for Football by Coach Davies has explanations and pictures of tons of flexibility stuff/hurdles, so does Complete Conditioning For Football by Michael Arthur and Bryan Bailey (Nebraska S&C stuff).

Working front squats will force you to stay back on your heels and keep your core tight, overhead squats just with the bar in a snatch grip, and I like heavy RDLs to forcing the hips back and keeping a power position with the back arched stretching your hammies really good. I think calf flexibility comes into play with people who have hard time going deep as well. If you are new to squating try pointing your toes out slightly if you are not already.

After you train, do tons of static stretching. Dynamic warm ups before, static after.

Hope this helps


push your chest up/out. I focused on doing this yesterday during my first time with deep squats, and it helped.

I also didn't get the bad pain in my back after squating like I use to.



wow, loads of quality help.

I'll give all of that a shot, the chest-out-and-up tip is spot on, but unfortunately I already do that :slight_smile:

Thanks for all those tips on stretching, I'll check it all out!