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ATG Squat = Bad for Lower Back?


Well, I'm actually not here to argue whether or not ATG squats are bad for the lower back or not. Of course, if ATG squats are performed with a neutral spine then it will not be harmful for the lower back. However, I find it hard to maintain a neutral spine at the bottom of a ATG squat, my hips are WAY TOO TIGHT. Any exercises to help out?

I tried working at the bottom position of the squat, by holding onto the door and pushing my hips back. But I can only maintain a neutral spine at the parallel position.


If you cant go that low safely, dont go that low, and work on mobility.


What mobility exercises do you recommend, I'm quite clueless when it comes to mobility.


I would think alot of flexibility in keeping a neutral spine lies in stretching the hip flexors, glutes, hamstrings.





look to your ankle/ calf area also.


Stretch out your hamstrings!


Squat Rx is extremely helpful


My suggestion besides the obvious of stretching to improve mobility would be to drop your weight down to the point where you can comfortably complete the movement with the range of motion you desire without pain and then slowly increase your weight from week to week.


Nobody wants to hear that shit. But, you are right, DaVinci. I would sacrifice weight to obtain perfect and safe form.