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ATG Speed Squats


Does anyone think atg speed squats could help to improve your normal atg squat? This wouldn't be for o lifters it would be more for people wishing to improve their atg squatting ability. Thanks for any feedback


man from my understanding squat is a speed lift u r suppose to do it as fast as possible unless u train for hypertrophy


hell, even for hypertrophy... do it as fast as possible. If you want to focus on speed, spend more time on warming up and blasting through those sets as fast as possible... but you should work up to something heavy as well, not so that your grinding slow on the last rep, but so you can explode out of that hole ASAP with a heavy ass weight on your back.


Do you think running could help improve your walking?


The trouble is that you gotta be pretty good at walking before you can run.

(actually maybe the analogy doesn't quite work as toddlers tend to do this running/falling combo well before they learn the muscular control to walk - but maybe the analogy really does work very well...)

I'm not sure what you mean by speed squat. Do you mean a fast descent into the bottom position or a fast ascent out of the bottom position or do you mean both?

In Olympic LIfting you need to basically relax everything (excepting your arms) to free fall yourself down under the bar - to hit a tight bottom position under the weight. Hitting that tight bottom position under the weight is important because if you stay relaxed then the bar will come down on you a little and you will absorb the force with your lumbar spine and hip joints instead of your muscles. When people get really good they can drop themselves faster than a free-fall by actively using their arms to push up against the bar which speeds their descent rather than slowing the descent of the bar.

Most people say not to train your squats like that. Don't free fall / dive bomb into the bottom position. There is a risk of injury if you don't hit that nice tight bottom position. So do a controlled descent (kinda like how you do / should do a controlled descent on the bench where you actively row the bar towards you).

With respect to the ascent out of the hole... The idea is to power that weight up as fast as you can (with good muscular recruitment patterns). I'm still getting the hang of getting the muscles to fire at the right time. That means that if I'm really focusing on powering it out the hole I'll get a sticking point where it takes a bit for the relevant muscles to fire. I can get the bar moving much faster out the hole if I 'cheat' my position slightly by leaning forward a little and using my quads to pull it rather than my glutes to push it. But there isn't anything I can gain from doing faster squats cheating the movement compared to slower squats without cheating the movement. Of course the bar moves much faster in the former way of doing things... But I'm trying to move it just as fast in each case.

Hope that helps.


Speed squats help you get better at squatting. If you're a powerlifter who does full squats, then by all means try it and see.

If you're a weightlifter, you already have lots of speed work.


Not an O lifter,powerlifter or bodybuilder. Just a guy who lifts weights to be strong. Just seeing if anyone had ever had this thought before or had tried it. I'd been looking at speed squats like many powerlifters do and wanted to see if anyone had done them for improving their squat. You all just confirmed my thoughts. Thanks a ton everybody


i don't know that anybody ever tries to lift a deadlift slowly or to drive a squat out of the hole slowly. when the weights are heavy the weight moves slow all by itself even though the person is doing everything they can to really blast the weight as fast as possible.

if you reduce the weight on the bar so that it is significantly less than you max... and you trust your form / muscular recruitment patterns to be good, then the weights will indeed move more quickly, though.

many people think that you don't need to lift close to your limit weight all the time in order for your max to go up. there is a benefit to lightening the load (giving the joints / ligaments a bit of a deload). of course if you put effort into it the weight really will move up that much faster.


NEVER squat down fast in teh squat. Your legs will blow up after a while. It's not a question of if, it's when.

Normal pace down and fast up.

Focus on driving your hips in forwards as you squat up. Do not leave your hips behind the bar.