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ATF Feeding Drug Cartels


On the "CBS Evening News" Thursday, an ATF whistle-blower, Agent John Dodson, said the ATF intentionally allowed guns to go into Mexico. "We've been doing it every day since I've been here," the Phoenix-based agent said. Dodson said he feels the ATF is partially to blame for the escalating violence in Mexico.

One of the guns apprehended was traced and found to be at the scene of the death of Border Agent Brian Terry. WTF is going on?


Well this is shocking who'd've imagined corrupt gov't agencies.


Who would have thought they would feed the violence so morons will give up more of their money so the ATF can "protect" them.


2 Border Patrol Agents have been killed from these guns, as well as who knows how many thousands of other people. Another fucking government FAIL.


You really know how to get a person's blood pressure cookin'


I ain't makin' this shit up. We should be pissed. Not to mention that our Border Patrol agents are not even armed with deadly force. Yes, they are to approach cartel members with bean bag guns. Nothing lethal. Imagine that. Our guys = bean bags. There guys = AK47's. Some bullshit if there ever was some.


We have an ineffective border, in part, due to US diplomacy with Mexico. sucks
Whatever happened to the Ariz. Gov. that was in the news so much about having to protect the border with state forces because the feds weren't doing it?


What fail?

They try to stay in business and they do.

Seems like a win to me.




?? The GOVERNMENT has failed. Not the freakin' drug cartels.
It's really sad that the drug cartels are smarter and stronger than the U.S. Government.


Do those government agencies still get paid?

Maybe their budget even has increased?

If so, they succeeded.

Ah, I see where the problem is, you are under the impression that they work for you?

You might want to look into the career of Harry J. Anslinger who almost singlehandedly made Marijuana illegal after his sweet gig at the Bureau of Prohibition came to an abrupt end when alcohol was made legal again and some of the arguments he used.

He held his office until he was 70.


Maybe they succeeded in getting their budget increased but they have been ineffective in protecting the border. What the heck, I'll look-up the career of your friend, Anslinger.


The BATF seems to get really pissy about private citizens owning firearms, but they give the cartels a pass, WTF. seems like some contrived shit straight out of the enemies foreign and domestic novels.

well at least there not cs gassing infants this time.


Effectiveness is judged by what you are trying to achieve.

All I know is that the Inquisition was very good at finding witches and warlocks, protecting innocent citizens from their evil machinations.

Call me a cynic, but I do not think that witches exist.


I have to agree Orion , the war on drugs is big business. keeps a lot of cops employed , keeps those private prison making big money ,Prison industries are called legal slavery .

It gives the government the right to stick their nose into your business anytime they want


"Gunwalker" is a pretty big deal and by rights, should lead to the disbanding of the ATF(although that won't happen). The CF's that agency has been involved in are legendary in law enforcement...too many "make work" actions if you ask me, coupled with a very dangerous bureaucratic/political environment that looks at guns like contraband. An American should have the exact opposite view.

If you want to truly have a heart attack, read some of the government documents that concern the WACO raid. Right from the get-go, the procurement of the initial search warrant should have lead to agents going to jail.

There really is not a need for them to exist at all. The FBI could absorb the few legit gun and explosives invests the ATF gets involved in(like gangs or terrorists moving weapons) and be done with it.