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Ate Scorpions!!!


Today I did something I did not think I would ever do.. I ate deep fried scorpions!!
And yes, I am in china, and most of all YES they tasted REALLY good, and I am picky.!

What is the most fucked up dish you ate?


My best is mountain lion. Specifically corned mountain lion tail, according to the 'chef'. It was at a volunteer fire department fundraiser in the mountains of Montana. So it could have been corned beef, corned dog, etc. But they claimed corned mountain lion tail.


98% of the world eats bugs. They are actually quite tasty if done right. Its mainly a texture thing for the uninitiated.


Happen to be in Beijing? sounds like something they sell in wang fu jing street


Cricket tacos in Mexico. Got the legs stuck in my teeth


i had a scorpion lollipop once. it was... sharp, among other things.

squirrel, rabbit, and gator are probably the weirdest things i've had otherwise.


Gator is fantastic. Never really had anything too crazy. Born and raised in Louisiana so Gator wasn't too rare.

and uh... GO PENS


Antelope and Reindeer.


I ate a live goldfish and a can of wet cat food once on a 10 dollar bet,but it took a bottle of Jack to have the balls to do so.