Ate Raw Fish Alive, Chances of Dying or Getting Tapeworm

Basically I was being very not smart. Got blackout drunk and apparently ate a couple of small fish while they where alive and obviously not cooked. What are the chances I get a parasite or some other sickness from this.

anybody have a good plan of action for something like this?

Yes I know it was dumb hahaha

Yeah, dont die.

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Pretty sure if you were black out drunk, you’ll be fine. Probably enough alcohol in your system to kill anything. Just look what it did to your brain cells!


Definitely this.

It’s amazing the toxic environment alcohol makes your body if you consume enough.

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By now (time stamp on your post is 8h) you’re either starting to get sick, or fine. But in general for stuff like that I’d just shrug, decide the fish were “sushi grade,” and move on.


I’ll update the human-wide tally:

Dumb decisions made while drunk: 839,235,342,454,231
Good decisions made while drunk: 1*

.* technically a dumb decision that just worked out well by accident.


If you’re not sick ATM, you most likely lucked out with respect to the common bacterial causes of seafood-related foodborne illnesses; #1 is a nasty little bug called Vibrio vulnificus (sp?); also, Salmonella species. However, nematode (= worm) infestations take longer to declare themselves, and usually do so in a much more insidious manner than the acute, severe illness that characterizes bacterial diseases. So unfortunately, you are not out of the woods yet. You should know within a few weeks or so.

Finally, parasitic infestations related to raw-fish consumption are not limited to nematodes; depending on the source of the fish (eg, did someone catch it from a stream and/or lake and hand it to you?), protozoa and other critters are a possibility as well. (Ever hear of ‘beaver fever’? It’s not as fun as it might sound.)

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This thread requires updates from the op for at least a month.

What was the origin of the fish? Was it in someone’s tank as a pet? Was it from a lake? A restaurant?

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They where small bait fish purchased from a gas station, I had a little bit of watery bowel movements yesterday. I know I threw up a while after I ate them. I wonder if I got them up or not, definitely didn’t feel anything come up.

Should I take anything preventively?

too late. If you got anything you will know soon enough. Parasites will upset your stomach. The odds are in your favor. I assume they are fresh water fish. If saltwater you are pretty safe. If you and the toilet develop an unusual relationship. Let your doctor know what you did

I’m guessing that they were raised in a tank and therefore may be relatively free of nasty bugs much like current-day pigs rarely carry Trichinosis.

I ate 21 store-bought goldfish once and blame them for the splitting headache and sensitivity to light I had the next morning.


As treatment is entirely bug-dependent (ie, bacteria vs nematode vs protozoa require completely different classes of meds to kill them), there is no single tx that would prophylax them all. Further, the window for prophylaxis has long since closed–that is, if you were going to get infected/infested, it has already happened.

Try not to worry about it. As mentioned above, if you develop symptoms, see your doc. The workup is pretty straightforward, as is tx.

What I am truly worried about is that some of these parasitic infections don’t have symptoms, or ones that are extremely subtle

water born intestinal parasites have symptoms. Worms may take awhile, but you will know

You got drunk, swallowed a couple of minnows, and later puked. I really wouldn’t worry too much about this.


yeah your probably right, still I’m going to keep everyone updated just for shits and giggles

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Poor fish.

I’d say the jury is still out on that. Sure some might say you took a foolish risk, but who’s going to have a carnivore story and who’s going to be stuck sharing cat memes on Facebook? He who dares, wins.

That’s pretty fucking metal bro.

Pretty sure you’re supposed to record it and then post it to social media with a title of “Hitting My Macros Today LOL squadfam!”.


When I’m drunk, I usually just get taco bell or cane’s. Probably not going to try your raw fish diet but I commend you for being so dedicated to the gainz


Probably carriws an equal chance of poisoning and/or parasite.