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ATD Stand Alone to Cycle?


I have just ran a stand alone ATD cycle for 4 weeks just out of curiosity really didnt gain much as expected and libido is destroyed.

I'd like to run a megavol cycle (20mg daily) which is a superdrol clone for 4 weeks but Im guessing if the ATD has been suppressing my estrogen and I then run a dry cycle suppressing my estrogen even more.....not great.

My question is how long should I wait to run my cycle? My usual protocol would be 4 week cycle, 4 week pct, 2 months nothing. Repeat but my knowledge of running a cycle straight after an AI isnt great I get the feeling I should let my hormones normalise?

My stats are: Approx 200lbs
6 foot
25 YO

I have been training for 7 years mostly to supplement sports. My goal is to gain an extra 14lbs staying athletic. Ive run megavol twice before and a tren clone twice.



Why do you europeans use prohormones? do you realize how lucky you are to have as much access to aas as you have?


You expected to gain something? And I agree, AAS are safer, more widely studied, healthier and legal for you. There is no reason to be messing with this other stuff, IMO.


I could probably get "the real thing" but I dont really want to deal with the people.

No I didnt expect much from ATD it was just an experiment as I had not planned to run a cycle.

Am I wrong in thinking that megavol doesnt need to convert so it isnt a prohormone which does? I know what you mean about not as widely studied though.....its a fair point.

Any answers to my question on suppressing estrogen with an AI then going onto a cycle? I would be grateful. I know its ass about tit but thats just how it is.



You're probably right that is not a prohormone and is itself an active compound.

Are you saying you're worried about going straight into a "cycle" after your "cycle" of an over the counter "AI"? I think you'll be fine but i guess you could wait 4 weeks just to be super safe.


Yeh my worry was that because estrogen has been suppressed 4 weeks if i suppress it a further 4 weeks I may suffer from some kind of rebound. I know its a bizarre situation which is why I wanted more opinions. I'd love nothing more than to jump onto a cycle!

I guess my main worrys are libido and some huge estrogen surge after megavol cycle is finished. I wont use ATD again as PCT or Standalone. I can get hold of Nolva for PCT.

Although ATD is over the counter I wouldnt underestimate it as I wouldnt underestimate a prohormone just because I can order is legally. It all alters your hormones.


Yeah I'm not terribly concerned about ATD. I wouldn't use it on cycle to inhibit aromatization of testosterone. If you're worried about it, just wait 4 weeks.

Does Megavol supposedly suppress estrogen? What is the chemical compound that's in it?


I know its a dry compound. I couldnt tell you how suppressive it is.

2a, 17a Di Methyl Etiocholan 3-One, 17b-Ol. If that means anything to you?

Thanks for the replies.


Yeah, M-drol, aka Methyl Masterdrol, aka Superdrol. Incredibly suppressive. After 3 weeks, extreme lethargy sets in. Horrible on the liver too, moreso than other "studied" orals (dbol, tbol, anavar, winstrol), at least in personal experience and blood tests. Definitely use Tamoxifen post cycle.


Yep 3rd cycle of the stuff. Ive been pleased with past results. I decided to go with it I'm aware of the toxicity and excess risks but three four week cycles yearly isnt the end of the world. Maybe i'll look into other substances for the future. I'll have to research more into ATD..... I read alot of conflicting information about it not that I'll use it again but just interested.

Thanks for replying


I know this does not help much but if I were you I would suck it up and get some Test and a'dex and do things right.
once you do I promise you that your worries will be gone and you will be more than pleased.
not to mention the lack of liver damage and side effects are also a plus


Nah I think your right...It would be best in the long run. Ive just moved so I have zero contacts in the area. I wont force it just keep training, if the opportunity arises and it seems legit I'll take it. Cheers