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ATD 25mg ED = Depressed

I have done a few ATD cycles in the past and am currently running 25mg ED for a month or so because I have half a bottle sitting around. I have ran the compound as high as 75 mg which from what I have read and experienced is overkill, 50mg is the highest I would recommend.

To the point, has anyone taken this stuff and it just totally messed with your mood? I mean its a difference of night and day when im not on this stuff. I remember why I shouldn’t run it anymore everytime I go stop (its so cheap and effective for me to run a few times a year though). Also I noticed increased libido for the first week or so then it just totally kills it (from which I have read is common). Just wanted to get other peoples’ experience on this.

I would guess that you are dropping your estrogen too low which can lead to libido issues and even depression. Too little E in your system can be a bad thing.

I would taper off of it for the next 2-3 weeks and the symptoms should subside. Don’t taper too quick or you risk a possible estrogen rebound.

ATD is a fairly potent aromatase inhibitor that should be monitored very carefully imo. There is even a methylated version out there that is even stronger. I’d avoid both of them altogether as I believe the increase in test is only minimal and if you were running gear you might as well go with something like arimidex.

good luck.

I guess depression might have been a little overkill, more or less just somewhat of a dampened mood, but definitely noticeable.
I figured it had something to do with the low e, but didn’t think that it would be that extreme at 25mg ed. I wasn’t running it as pct, just solo as I seem to gain around five pounds or so and some strength on the stuff. I was thinking about throwing in some nettle root to increase free test and see how that pans out.
FYI for people looking to use ATD wouldn’t go over 50mg at 75 I noticed hair shedding.

And as far as the tapering goes yes I do that now and have had E rebound from stopping to quickly.

If the problem is due to low E2, then other low E2 symptoms should accompany the low mood. These include achy joints (dry), no bloating (very dry look), mental fogginess, poor libido, general crappiness…

Came off of the ATD within 6 hours or so I I felt a world of difference. Yay for E (hah never thought i would say that). Was only taking for a week and a half @25mg ed so i did not think that taper was necessary. Water levels returned to normal so i gained a few pounds. This stuff is way more potent than its made out to be as it is OTC.