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At Wits End: Shoulder Pain

Hey first post here, but I’m getting desperate. About 6 weeks ago I woke up to a moderately severe pain in my left shoulder extending into my neck…I found the only way i could get back to sleep was lying flat on my back…pain is unbearable on stomach, left side or even the right side…pain persists throughout the day, whether I am sitting, standing, driving whatever…

only time I find relief is when I am lifting…there is no pain what so ever in any movement…I can do 50 normal workout or heavy shoulder workout and no pain…pain does not get any worse the day after a workout…before anyone says rest I did for about two weeks and the pain got worse every day…

I have been to my regular doc after examing me she said it was something to do with my left trap never did quite understand what she was saying but after proding me for a bit and finding three really tender spots she gave me some injections…muscle was so tight she bent the first needle she was trying to use…that helped for a couple of days but has returned full strength since then…

heat helps as long as I am on my back…have tried muscle relaxers/pain killers/anti inflammatories to no avail.

Doc is on vacation this week as I am…have appointment when we both get back to see her again unsure of how much good it will do…really would appreciate any insight into possible causes.

Thanks for your time.

Go see an ART practitioner. It is seriously helping my shoulder.

Trapped nerve in the traps?

Go get some heavy duty trap massage. And I mean make sure it HURTS when it’s done.

If you get relaxed while getting this treatment, leave and find another practitioner.

Better yet, look up Active Release Technique and see if there is an ART practitioner close to you.

Go see a sports doctor. This sort of thing is what they�??re there for. If your insurance company can�??t recommend one, someone at your gym probably can.

You described my pain exactly. We have the same deal going on.

Try some Cissus product, it seems to be helping me greatly, as well as certain stretches.

Back from Vacation and wanted to say thanks for all the input folks. Calling Sports med doc first thing this morning…think I did some serious damage to shoulder while on vacation…entire shoulder hurts constantly now…entore shoulder blade in back…trap…left tricep…hell even my left pec is beginning to give me trouble. This is one time a high pain thresh hold may work against me.


OK two days ago i went to another doc…he says “muscle trauma”…three more shots more muscle relaxers and pain meds…beginning to scare me now because left arm is getting weaker every day…struggle to do 30 lb butterfly no pain just no strength…shoulder won’t do it…was experimenting with differnt things…no drop in curl max…one arm bench has dropped 70%…again no pain…just no strength.