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At What Point....


Do I start to look at anabolics as my next step? At the moment I'm mainly looking at cutting, but will eventually be looking for a bulk cycle possibly as well.

A little backround-

Been heavy on the grind for dropping to a low bf% for roughly 3 years now, with a minor 4 month bulk cycle somewhere in between. I'm not quite sure I'm at my "genetic limit" yet if there is one....I've been in Afghanistan for those 3 years and food options are not always the best out here, although I do quite well in my opinion. Started this journey at 230 pounds( 6'2). At the lowest I got to 170 with the help of a typical deficit, carb cycling, keto, refeeds, heavy lifting and cardio, at which point I bulked for those few months.

Bulked up to 210, and have been cutting since(now back at 180), which has roughly been the last 3.5 months. Not weighing my food here as thats not really an option at the buffet style DFACS, I know once I get home and can cut while super accurately tracking my macros/intake I'll be better off than I am here. My macros and food measurements seem to be pretty damn close with my eating, but it's also a bit frustrating trying to get to 10% and thinking it may not be genetically possible.

So...long story short, when do I maybe look for a little extra assistance?

Any help and or feedback is greatly appreciated.


I would not use AAS to try to lose BF. The point of cycling is to gain muscle. If your goal is to gain muscle then we can talk about a cycle otherwise it's still a proper diet for you.


Just by posting on here you've already started looking for "a little extra assistance."

Steroids are great and they'll most likely give you the goals that you are seeking. However, you don't really mention your workouts and/or accurate stats so to me it's kind of hard to know where you stand.

You mention looking at cutting, unless you're going to compete in something I don't think you'd need any gear. Honestly, a thermogenic should be plenty, it all comes down to diet and cardio. The steroids will come in the most useful when you try to bulk again, you'll make some big gains if your diet and training are good.

I don't know if that sheds some light, you didn't ask anything in particular so I just kind of talked about being 6'1'' and doing steroids lol.


You are 6'2, 180 lbs. That's really skinny. You won't need steroids for a very long time to put on muscle. And you're certainly nowhere near your genetic limit.


one honest doubt here.. if he reaches his genetic potential and uses AAS wont he lose all that he gained when he stops no matter hw perfect his diet or exercise is after the cycle ? wont he need HGH to maintain it ?


Please stop talking!


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I personally think its just when you want to. As long as you know you can be consistant in your training/nutrition whether on or off gear, then fuck it. Start whenever you want.


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Food is alright in Afghanistan if you have access to the local bazaar, or happen to have a gas station literally 10ft from your post like I did then you can still load up on eggs, beans, them tasty corn chip things, butter, potatoes. If your desperate enough, buy a chicken from someone passing by.

There is no magic point when you rate gear, you either plan a cycle and do it or you don't.

Tren-E/Test-E is a good combination for both cutting and bulking as well as a virgin cycle and you don't need heavy doses that are often found online. Just be sure to have good PCT with ancillaries, supplies and support. Use quality syringes and an over abundance of sterilization, an abscess will be hard to explain to the chain of command. A Prolactin and aromatase inhibitor on hand, with PCT. Don't progress too fast, it draws suspicion from all of your peers and that motivated NCO is always looking for a way to get promoted.


Not trolling, genuinely curious.

I of course read a sticky after I posted which clarified pretty well so sorry about that.

Appreciate the responses though


GOD If that was an honest question then it's more proof that you need to learn a lot more and not advise anyone. I'm not sure if you are just here to cause trouble or you are being genuine. If you are genuine then I'm very sorry for you. You not only should not be giving advice but should likely not be cycling either.


its sad you feel that way.. anyways whatever i read says maybe steroids could shift your natural limit to teh higher side a little but without chemical assistance you will always fall back to your natural limit eventually..


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Please stop posting in this section you have 1 piss poorly planned and even worse executed cycle under your belt and have no clue at all in any way about what your talking about... I mean did you even almost think about what the fuck you just said.


"Almost think"- classic