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At What Point Do You or Have You Lost It?


Some asshole is being himself. How long have you or would you wait before unleashing the beast? Is it ever right to through the first punch?


Violence never solved anything.


it solved slavery


I don't know man. Anybody crossed the line with my wife or child, and I'm losing my shit. I don't and probably can't fight, but I will lose my temper ultra fast, and throw the first few.

My grandmother too... I would start some shit form Grams.


i can lose my temper pretty easily but theres only been a select few times where ive thrown the first punch. I will usually try to con them into throwing the first punch if i think its gonna go to throwing blows that way its always self defense as long as you stop when they can no longer defend themselves. granted i would rather not fight but it does happen. I would probably only throw the first punch if someone were to threaten my family.


can of worms has been opened..i love it


clearly you have no idea what you are talking about.

i love the violence, the violence is the best part




one of the more stupid suggestins i've heard (IMO). if i think it's going to go to blows, i'm either peacing out or that motherfucker is getting jacked in the face. there is no 'waiting' and certaintly no 'conning' him into throwing the first punch.

go ahead, con me into throwing the first punch and we'll see how well that works out


He's talking about all of his premarital sex again...


I love those 'begging you to throw the first punch people' dont you?

Look around, if you see police, just turn around and walk away. If you don't see any police, just hit the guy. I mean if you have some decent hands you should have no problem dropping someone and being gone way before the police come.

Unless the OP was referring to the inner struggle of good versus evil, like is it wrong to hit someone. It which case i would have to say don't be such a pussy.


I created this thread to see if what I did was right. I'm a nice person. I'm not very good at arguing with assholes. At the end of my shift at Office Depot (sigh) a few coworkers and I were sitting around waiting for the manager to finish her reports. The resident dick begins to hassle me for smoking my electronic cigarette.

He basically tells me to stop smoking it. Now, I'm a reasonable person. If the vapor bothered anybody I would put it away. The fact is I was in a chair a good 10 feet from him, the cig has a very minimal odor, no tar, no cancer, nothing. From what I gathered from his rant, he thinks I'm showing off. I like nicotine, especially flavored nicotine. I'm not going to walk outside to vape when I can do it right there.

As I said, I'm not good at being a dick, so my "discussion" with him doesn't get very far and I eventually put the cig away. I tried to continue vaping after he shut up, but it just wasn't satisfying.

I have never been in a fight, but I really thought tonight would be my first. He has been an ass since I started. He is very loud most of the time, likes to think he knows everything, and he likes macs.

Now, I'm not going to stop vaping at work, especially after the customers are gone. How can I handle this without beating his ass? I suppose I can just not give a fuck, eh?


Wait till dark in the parking lot and punch him in the face.

on a side note, how are those electronic cigs? my ex's dad was selling those for awhile


But in today's times there is really no way of fighting and not getting in trouble. Either a cop is around or the person you hit will call the cops later and you will still get in trouble.


Wut? Bionic cigarettes? Vaping?

It doesn't sound like you should fight. Let us know if and only if you get down; nobody cares about another conversation.

**The internet did not make you do it.


Hell,everyone would start shit for their Grams.


I'd just tell him to go fuck himself. But wouldn't start a fight over it, now if he took it in a personal way and comes over, in this situation I would say let him throw the first punch, as a workplace you'd probably get fired if you did.

Outside that, just because you're standing 2 feet from someone cursing and egging them on to hit you first, doesn't mean you can claim self defense after you crush their skull.


If the offender is just talking shit, I let him have his say, then I change topic. If he's really offensive, I call him on it, and he usually ends up feeling like the jackass that he is. I try to avoid violent outcomes, as I'm usually in the company of family or friends when these types of exchanges take place.

Also, if the offender knows you, or where you live, if I were to beat his ass, I'd fear his vengeance on my home or my son. Sometimes violence really doesn't solve anything, but can fan the flames higher.


Holymac I do agree with you after rereading my post that it was kinda of dumb how i put it lol. I guess for me it depends on the person. If i think they can take me out with 1 punch different story. Someone who is just talking a big game and you know theyre the type to do all they can to get you in trouble for it, yes wait for them to throw a punch because A) it probably wont connect and/or hurt, B) theyre yuppie-ness will not be able to come after you.


Violence should be one of many tools in your arsenal.