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At what BF% to start carb refeeds?

Hello everone.

I’m in my 2nd week of “cutting” - currently down to 9.5%. I’m using the don’t diet/T-dawg 2.0 recommendations, keeping to 150-100 carbs per day, all within 6 hours post workout. I’m eating about 13cals*LBM in lb

I was thinking about starting carb refeeds once per week at 9%, and then twice per week at 6%.

Am I on the money with those numbers? any opinions?

Also, it should be noted that I’m not on any T-boosting androgen or steroid. I am using methoxy-7 and hot-roxx.


Bumping for everyone… JM, Bill… I might add that I am a little carb sensitive and worried about carb refeeds cause off that.

I’m sitting about 7% and I refeed twice a week. The leaner you get the more you need it and I find I need to eat a lot more than usual on my refeed days…my body is fighting back really hard to keep me above 6