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At What Age?


I am 20 and have been lifting for about 2 years. Meanwhile I have been using creatine, protein shakes, and eating right and that has been giving me good gains. But For awhile I have been thinking of getting on a testerone or some other gear. Although as I have read my testerone levels are already high because I am young.

Everything else I have read highly dissapproves the use of gear at such a young age because the young male body is still growing and it would be very damaging to the body if i did take some form of gear.

My question is at what age and about how long should I lift before I start on some form of gear. or even think about it.


Im not sure about how long you should have been lifting (there is a difference between lifting and lifting seroiusly). Im sure others can help you out in that feild.

As far as i have read you should be at the very least 21 years old. So your growth plates dont close early, and numerous other reasons.