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At This Point in 2019, I'm Not Voting at All

i cant go througha full year of media bullshit and constant campaigning. im really close to voting for myself at this point.

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I live in Kansas so my Presidential vote is hardly important to the outcome of the state. I vote third party there in foolish hopes that maybe eventually enough numbers will show a path away from just D and R. I have down ballot stuff I pay attention on.

Sadly not voting isn’t going to keep you from being bombarded with all the other shit. It just frees up some time on a Tuesday unless you early vote which I always do because I don’t want to stand in line and then wear a sticker all day.


You could do what I do … John Galt down ballot

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I voted once when I was 18. Waited in line. Promptly said fuckthat and mailed it in ever since. No goin back.

Plus I don’t have twitter or instagram. Knocks out the 2 biggest reason for the sticker.

The fucking sticker … I abhor that fucking sticker … it’s a reward for infants


You can feel the judgment at work as you realize you’re one of the few people not wearing it. Seems like you pissed on someone’s grave or something.

Meanwhile I’m thinking good I’m glad someone who knows very little about politics other than what they have seen on social media articles linked from friends is making important decisions. With these guys letting me know they voted I’m sure we will have candidates like Trump and Clinton where we all win either way!

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The thing is I don’t feel that. Nor would it bother me if someone did "judge"me … had I voted they’d be judging me for not wearing a 5 year olds reward, which is sad and pathetic, had I not voted, they’d be judging me for the same reason, which is sad and pathetic.

If they asked if I voted I’d tell them the truth and reason for either doing so or not … what their reaction to such news is not my concern … if it be disapproval wither way that’s their burden, not mine …

Maybe. Again I feel bad for the person who would judge someone based on a sticker. It’s weird that an adult would do that.

I have the same reaction when politicians pander to celebrities … that’s some basic shit man

Who is John Galt?

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When I went to vote for the Donald, I wrote myself in everywhere else.

We vote early. Easier and no lines.

You vote does count in spite of what the media tells you.

I’m often surprised to hear that some of the most opinionated people I know don’t vote. Why bother following the news and getting all worked up if you’re literally going to do nothing about it?

Some people seem to believe that they’re making a difference by publicly howling at the moon on social media, maybe even a bigger difference than actually casting their vote.

Maybe they are. Bless all of the brave public #activists. I get a kick out of reading it.

I mostly ignore the news until about now, when I make some effort to inform myself about whatever is on the ballot, then cast my vote and crawl back under my rock.

Buncha goddamn liars.


Gone are the days of Walter Cronkite who was listed as the most trusted man in America

I was always taught that if you don’t vote, you don’t count. Not voting only helps the very people that you would have voted against.

Seems odd to me also, to complain and then not vote.

Mostly just wanted to tag you since l saw Eugene the hittin’ machine giving a pep talk on tv the other day.

He was a goddamn liar too … the whole lot of 'em … damn liars.

But seriously, it’s helpful to try to get information, if you’re so inclined, from various sources across the political spectrum. Except MSNBC. goddamn liars.

What are you thoughts on that now that you’re older with more life experience?

Still the same. It pains me to have been a child of a civil rights activist who worked with many people who died for people of color to have that right for so many to sit and complain then not vote! You deserve the representation that you vote for. I vote in every election, locally, statewide and national and have instilled that in my children also. On their 18th birthday each one was registered to vote and all 3 are very active in local politics. Voter apathy is horrible in this country
but 2020 look promising now but who knows…


Damn! Your mom was alive in 1870? That’s crazy!