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At the World Weightlifting Championships Today


I was at the World Weightlifting Championships today in Vancouver and I can say that Hossein Reza Zadeh (of Iran) really blew my mind. To say that that is one strong guy would be understatement of the century. In case you don't know, he is the current world record holder and defending Olympic champion. He won EASILY. He actually won the gold just from his first attempt in the Clean and Jerk, so he used his second attempt simply as an excuse to try for the new world record. Unfortunately, he did not make it. That would have been a lot of fun to witness!

For those who do not know, Vancouver has a rather large Iranian population. The audience was absolutely filled with flag-waving, cheering, enthusiastic clapping Iranians calling out in support. The Germans also had some presence with airhorns, but the Iranians were definitely the largest, most vocal group. I found it really added to the excitement as each of Hossein Reza Zadeh's attempts were met with such love and fervor from the crowd.

With the exception of the fact that you cannot go ANYWHERE these days without people refusing to turn off their cell phone ringers and/or bringing their howling babies, I found the audience to be exceptionally civilized at this particular sporting event. Each lifter was greeted with enthusiastic applause, was granted a dead silent hush for his lift, and was then shown appreciation with warm applause after his attempt, regardless of whether he made the lift or not. Everyone was very exceptionally polite and well behaved, making sure they were seated during the lifts, not blocking views, etc.

The athletes themselves had great poise, and seemed very humble and thankful and like great sportsman. They shook hands with each other, and it looked sincere.

This was the super heavyweight (105KG+) that I was watching, so these boys were big. However, the athlete that made the biggest impression on me was (I believe) Evgeny CHIGISHEV of Russia. He was the one competitor that while being a super heavyweight appeared to be ripped.

Anyway, that's my 2 cents on a day at the world championships. It was quite exciting!



Since you were there do you happen to know why Jaber didn't compete in the clean and jerk? I found it quite disappointing, as he seemed to be the only one to stop Reza Zadeh (not to mention Ronny Weller).


And this guy is only 22!


What is the world record for the snatch and the clean and jerk right now?


Isn't Paul Anderson the last american SPH to win a gold medal?


213 kg for the snatch
263 kg for the clean and jerk
Both done by Hossein Reze Zadeh
Leonid Taranenko did an unofficial clean and jerk with 266 kg's, but that one is not recognised because they did not track stats at the time being (drug testing was also a different story back then, but nobody knows if he used or not)


I assume all world records used drugs :slight_smile:


Several lifters dropped out along the way and at no point was it made clear why.


guys have snatched more before though; under the old weight classes.


Yea, good to see someone who saw that too. I wanted to see a another world record too but it wasnt to be as Rezazadeh didnt look ready for that.
The lifter from Qatar 'SALEM Jaber' was also quite impressive he did that snatch of 210kg with alot of ease but as you say did not continue to the clean & jerk phase, many said maybe due to doping issues I dont know?


Where were you sitting?


The most ever clean and jerked in international competition is 266 by Teranenko and the most snatched is 216 by Antonio Krastev. Mens weightclasses were reduced and changed to allow women into the olympics and the IWF had to make new records. I think this is what happend anyways.

I was in the warm up room during the superheavy session. It looked like Jabers leg was bothering him, but it didnt look like a serious injury. So your geuss is as good as mine.


I was sitting at home behind my TV!!!

And damn I didnt know about those previous world records... hmmm Gotta go find out more about this.


My former lifting coach came in 18th place in the 105kg class at the World Championships. Akos Sandor. He has the Canadian records in both lifts and was second among North Americans. At just under 105kg he lifted 170 in snatch and 205 in clean+jerk. I can vouch for him that he is completely clean of drugs especially due to the strict testing standards in Canada. He won't even go near products such as ephedrine and he wont use any products made by companies that make prohormones, just in case some of the product got into the legal products. He also works full time as a diesel mechanic to make a living, training after work. Based on this knowledge, he deserves much credit for his achievements


I thought they all take or have taken steroids at some point in their training?!
Is it just me who thinks that all sports have been tarnished by the use of pro-hormones and/or steroids??


Was watching the Ironmind 1995 Tape 2

Shows these 14 year old Chinese kids

One kid weighs 54kg can full squat 150kg! In the video he cleans 90kg and jerks it 3 times! His PR is 110kg Clean and Jerk
Another 14 year kid powercleans 220lbs and jerks it, and he weighs around 120lbs as well! He squats 170kg.
Obviously at 14, steroids doesn't come into much - freaky. And they look like skinny 14 year old kids, they don';t even look like they lift :slight_smile:

And they all have perfect form , and incredible speed and power. Fastest jerks I've seen.
They also do these heavy clean deadlifts with shrugs with almost triple bodyweight! One kid bounces the bar around after the deadlift with these powershrug/highpull type move like it's nothing. Kids are stronger than 95% of the human population! :open_mouth:

This was back in 1995, so they would be in their 20s now. Must be Beasts!!!


i think the whole issue is bullshit. the top champions would still be the top champions regardless if they use or not. i have done my share of steroids in my competitive days and could not even qualify for the nationals. stop throwing stones and go out there and lift hard and do the bvest you can.


That's true, when you look at the guy who recently broke the bench press record he is one huge mofo. Even if I took insane amounts of roids I would never be like that like you say so yea I agree with what you say.
But it's good to know that 99.9% of them were strong as fuck since they were kids...lol.
CoolColJ I couldnt resist to quote this line from your post "fastest jerks I've seen"


nah those kids were strong because even though they're just 14, their training age is probbaly a good 5 years already. They start young.

Off course they also have genetics on the side as well, being in a Communist country and all that being selected etc


I must have good genetics because i could clean 225 when i was 14. I should have been an olympic lifter.