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At the Risk of Sounding like a Complete NOOB


Can someone please explain to me what 5/3/1 refers to?


Read this..



And it is fucking awesome.




I follow Heavy Duty, myself and have had unbelievable strength gains with it. But I'm always open to new stuff.


It is quite interesting, and there are some similarities between it and Heavy Duty, from what I can tell.


Has anyone brought their deadlift up over 7 or 8 using this program?


Any thoughts on 5/3/1 vs 5x5 (as being a more effective way to build the core lifts)?

Taking the first week of 5/3/1 for example... it says do the sets 65, 75, 85%. The 5x5 seems pretty similar except it adds two more 85% sets of 5 vs burning out with a few more reps on the first 85% set?