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At the risk of getting flamed ....

Oh dear, I know I’m going to get negative responses to this one, but I guess it’s worth a try …

I’ve thoroughly researched the T-mag and forum archives on the subject of Parabolan. I understand that it’s not made anymore and people have very low opinions concerning the various “clones” that are out there. I also understand that probably the best way of getting trenbolone now is thought to be via Finaplix. However … a certain well known web site is selling a “generic” parabolan made in Spain and they claim that it contains real trenbolone.

Helpful opinions aside, does anyone actually KNOW anything about this particular stuff?

I’ve seen “para” sold as a generic from russia also. From what I can gather, the finaplix is a quality substitute that delivers trenbolone you can trust. It is also easy to obtain without worries about customs or fakes.

I live in the U.K. so importation of personal use quantities of gear is basically O.K., so hassles with customs are not my issue. I’m looking for feedback on quality.

Brian wrote an article some time back (issue 106) in which he published analyses of four different samples of (supposedly) Parabolan. None of them contained any Trenbolone. Unfortunately, he didn’t give any clue as to source of any of them. Does ANYONE have any factual input about the claimed generics on the market - enough to know whether a particular product is worth trying?