At The Level... (Finals Talk)

I stepped to the next level. I got the highest grade in my class for two of my finals. My grade was 20% more than the class average. I’m looking at perhaps a 3.7 gpa for this semester, altho everything is not said and done, so we’ll see… I can’t believe I’ve stepped to this level. I did terrible in high school, in fact I dropped out when I was 17. The classes I am taking are very rigorous as I study Comp Science yet… I’m still tearing it up.

I like this person I’m becoming. On Finals day, I got two phone numbers of girls in my classes that I haven’t talked to ever during the semester. I like being a stand out in the crowd. I like being a stocky, built, latin white guy, who stands at a level of intellectual performance that wouldn’t be expected from stereotypical inspection.

I stand on a level dominated by Indians and Asians at my University, and I like being one of the few who is not. I’m representing that lifters are not just meatheads, and in fact, are very intelligent and capable people. I am disproving the assertion that American white men are the extinct dinosaurs of academics and progress of society. I AM the ‘macho, aggressive, evil?, egotistical, chauvinist pig’ white guy stereotype, and I’m not snorting coke in the bathroom for 4 years to major in Business and sell insurance to parasite off a dying American dream. I am here, surpassing the 3rd world brain-drain competition and raising the bar for my community. I will not fail.

I am representing the Latino community. I am reinforcing the FACT that we produce intellectually powerful people. I especially am contradicting alot of the crap I hear, (much of it in the Politics forum here), that Latinos are genetically less intelligent or at least, socioeconomically destined for failure, parasitism and lower performance than Whites, Asians & East Indians. If that is true, then why am I here?

I am clearly ascendant.

Anyways, I’m riding high.

How are you guys doing on Finals? Who has stepped to the next level? Are you going to go to the 4.0 level with me next semester?