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At The Gym Today...


I was doing WM. Squat 10x3 265. This guy with a sleeveless body armor shirt comes over and looks at the weight with a jackass smirk, then proceeds to load up 315 on his squat rack (actually not a cage but for the sake of the story the same thing). He watches me do my 2nd set of 3, then pumps out 5 quarter squats with the 3 plates and looks over like he's a badass. BTW his gf was watching him lift, so I think this contributed to his jackassness*. Anyone else experience funny yet annoying things like this?


I would go and ask him how much can he do ass-to-grass squat.

I hate those type of people.



He was smirking over 6 plates? WTF? Honestly, as much as that stuff sounds annoying, when I'm in a public gym I'm so focused on my work that I tend to not notice shit like that unless they get right in my way, in which case I tend to be polite and ask them to kindly get the fuck out of the way. People are stupid, well most anyway, no sense getting worked up over them :slightly_smiling:


There is a thread for stories about all these annoying gym animals, and other assorted gym fauna, here:


It's been a bit quiet lately, so please post there! :slight_smile:

PS: Funny stories are admitted too. In fact, you could get a hernia reading some of them.



Or, load up the bar with 5 plates, smirk at him over your shoulder, then do like 1/5 squats, then smirk at him again. He may or may not understand.


Or you could say something like:

"Isn't it weird? You can squat with 315, yet your legs don't look like you could. Weird, huh??"


Oh, one more thing. It's good to have other experienced lifters around to be able to witness his stupidity (unless, of course, he was doing 1/4 squats as part of his routine)


Some of you worry way too much about everyone else in the gym. Here's a tip, once you really get some size on you, you will get stared at more than you will do any staring.

Mind your own business and lift. Unless someone is directly in front of you talking down to you to your face, why would you waste time worrying about what random people think about you or how they lift?

Also, not everyone needs to do ass to grass squats to see development. It sounds like you were just as judgemental of him as he was of you.


Shoulda called him out! Anyone EVER looks at me like that I call them out!

There is a trainer at my gym who said he squatted 515 for 3. 515 is about my max. He said this to me when I was doing a 10X3 at 405. Said I needed to go heavier..."like 515". I took it as a grain of salt. He's a big guy so I didn't totally dismiss it. Well, come to find he squats on a smith machine and does quater squats. The next week I showed up early for his squat workout and watch him. I tore him apart. I laughed my ass off at him and actually challenged him to a real deal squat comp on an actual squat rack. He got all huffy and puffy. Said I was distracting his workout, and his client who he was training with. This was about two months ago. i still make fun of him in front of as many people as I can.



Egos can be so funny and sad.


This is the reason why I work out at home.


Shit like this happens all the time, in gyms all over the world.

Focus on yourself and your own development. That's hard enough, no ?

His doing 315 for 5 vs. your 10x3 / 265 will have no bearing whatsoever on your life or leg development now or ever. And I'm sure he did it for his GF's sake so don't worry about it.


Well, I agree with minding my own business and just concentrating on my own routine. I was doing that but I just so happend to notice this and thought that it was funny/annoying. It didn't effect my workout in anyway, just something that I noticed and was funny/annoying. P.S. WM is awesome, my squats going up 10 lbs per week on the 10x3. Last week it was 255, before 245 and now 265. Look out 275... BTW what is the rule of thumb on squat to bench 1RM ratio?


[Kip] That's true, that's true [/Kip]


Next time that happens, walk up to him and ask, "What exercise is that?" When he says "uhhh, they're squats," let him know whats up. Have fun with it.


Beautifully done! That's exactly what I would have done if someone started talking smack to me. Instead of coming on here complaining about the incident after the fact confront the dude immediately without hesitation and then rip his little ego to shreds.