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At Long Last! Saw It In the Gym!


I have finally seen the elusive gym creature (the scientific name escapes me, but I'm sure it was a sub-species of the Deltard) who motives himself by screaming "LIGHT WEIGHT!!" at himself in the mirror. Holy fucking annoying.


You saw Ronnie Coleman?


Lol, Yeah babaaay....Light weight. Yeap.


Meh...the worst are the dudes who motivate themselves by lifting their shirts and staring at their abs in the mirror. That lightweight thing sounds kind of funny.


At one of my old gyms there was a personal trainer who would check out his abs between every set of every exercise. Bench press, check out abs, bicep curl, check out abs...


I was on vacation in Hawaii and this skinny little kid was wearing a wife beater and kept lifting it up to check his abs in between sets. He than decided to just roll up his wife beater to right below his chest and do his cheat curls like that. Than his sister came in the hotel gym to find him and called him a total tool.

All was right with the world.


I scream Light Weight, and Yeah Buddy! but I lift at home.


That was probably me.


I hate the ones that find a random girl to hit on in between their 3-rep sets of dumbbell curls. Oh, and I love the topics of conversation:

"Yeeahhh.. I've been workin' out for years now. I'm benchin' 225lb now. That's a lot, by the way."


speaking of the guys who only go to the gym to hit on girls...

there is one at my gym, and it's so obvious. he walks in, does a big lap of the place, eye fucks the shit out of every girl, then approaches the one of his choice. Today, I was lucky. I was on the treadmill and got to watch the whole mating process. His target for the day was a cutie on the treadmill 2 over from me. He approached, dropped his game, was totally emasculated, then walked away. I turned to the girl laughing and she says "what a fucking creep"...it made my day.


Sweet,,,too funny.


Greatest Story ever! I see that all the time in my gym and the problem is that they are wasting my time by tying up the equipment.


A guy in a gym I went into while on vacation, walks in takes off his shirt and 'flexes' for a good 15 minutes. He was a skinny bastard maybe 115. It was a small weight room, just me and him in there. He did a few sets of abs then sits down on a bench that already had weight on it, he looks at both sides, 185lbs.

Next thing I know I see him out of the corner of my eye with the weight stuck on his chest. I finished my set, walked over and picked the weight off his chest then walked away silently. He grabed his shirt and left immediatly after.


Yeterday I actually saw one of the funniest thigns in my new gym. I was doing dips and wide grip chins for about 20 mins (trying to get better, can only do 8 unassisted dips, and not even one unnassisted chin, but im new to them), then this fat guy, not too fat, but a bigt of a chubby kid goes to the dip machine after i finish, and puts on 100kgs of weight, probably thinking it was harder than unassisted.

he then proceeds to do the worst dips ever, with his hands placed so far forward, lifting about 10kg of his bodyweight(he looked about 110kg of fat) and the machine assisting wiht 100kg (i checked the weight, it was the entire weight stack). After a few he did some wide grip chins, with awful form, and actually fell down t the bottom knelt on the machine arm.

I had to face the wall (I was stretching after workout) to stop myself from laughing really loud. My gym is the standard machine gym, thats why half my workout is done at home.


I yell "light weight" too, but it's in disgust..


I stick to yelling light weight at myself while having sex.


Why would you talk to yourself if you're having sex?


Maybe its sex with himself and hes yelling at his penis.


Maybe the woman is deaf.