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At Long Last, My Primo Blast

It stopped at week five. Once the gyms closed it didn’t make sense to keep going. I’ll be starting again in a few weeks, so we shall see how it all goes.

How about now? You started back with the primo?

Not yet. Wanted to get a handle on my schedule and be able to plan out everything nicely, and then my doc wanted additional blood work midway through what would have been this new blast. So it looks like I’m on hold until October. I’m also pricing out various GH options and if I pull the trigger in the next few months I’ll want to figure out what gets run with what and when.

It may seem weird to a younger guy, but the older I get the less in a hurry I find myself. Like I wanted to slowly cut down once gyms reopened, but I was enjoying just lifting again so much that I actually didn’t start tinkering with my calories until a few weeks ago. So perhaps I “wasted” two good months that I could have been cutting, but it didn’t really bother me. I was happy to get into a rhythm and not worry about the scale for a little while. Now that I’m dialing in calories more precisely I need to hit X spot before I start blasting again. There’s method to it, but it’s hard to see unless you zoom way out. I don’t know. Nothing has gone the way any of us expected it to this year, so I’m kind of taking the whole zen approach to what happens next.


I am on TRT and have good knowledge about it but am totally a noob when it comes to other steroids.

Can you educate me as i don’t wanna open a new topic only for this…

Should one use Primo ONLY when cutting as you were about to do?
Let’s say i want to gain size/bulk , can’t i blast Primo (around 300-500mg a week) while on TRT (125mg a week) for around 16 weeks?

I am 37 and i want to use the safest possible steroid for increasing size.

Oh btw i understand as i am exactly in the same spot.

Why wouldn’t you be able to do so? I’ve never used methenolone, but from what I gather the actual accrual regarding pure lean tissue is lesser than that of testosterone on a mg/mg basis. The COSMETIC benefit garnered however is superior and is distinguished via a hard, dense, grainy look as opposed to a watery, bloated, Michelin Man look (primo will hit lipids harder than test though)

There’s definitive risks related to using at any dose. Before pulling the trigger I’d pause and give that fairly extensive thought.

Primo is versatile in that way. You can use it to cut or to bulk. But it’s not a serious bulking steroid the way nandrolone is.

Personally, I would not use anything to cut because I’m on trt and that’s more than enough for me. Any time I’m looking to add a compound it’s to put on mass. I had the foolish notion that I could recomp with primo, but the forced lockdown gave me some time to rethink that idea. So now I’m just cutting slowly with nothing but my trt and a healthy bit of dietary discipline. Once I hit my preferred weight I’ll start the primo and slowly bulk over either 16 or 20 weeks, depending on how the results look around week 14.


Thank you @iron_yuppie .

I was under the impression that Primo was always used for cutting and useless for bulking. I guess you aren’t choosing nandrolone over primo for the same reason as i am; risk&reward… Plus my goals for bodybuilding is most likely lower than yours and/or many in here…

Bayer primo (rimobolan) is being sold in pharmacies here for very cheap and i can just go get it when i need to… BUT , i’ve heard primo has PIP like crazy. Is it true??
Plus i’m using Sustanon for TRT which also has a terrible PIP… I was thinking of combining them in the same injector😂

So if one does a cycle or two with primo or another steroid for that matter and gains good amount of muscle/size , how does he keep the gains with TRT only? Especially when cutting as you mentioned above.

Thanks @unreal24278 .

This is Mg/mg basis also? My HDL is barely at 40 and can’t get it up no matter how healthy i eat… Never checked my HDL prior to TRT so i can’t tell how much of an effect TRT had. However , even with a 82,5mg a week dose my HDL didn’t increase.

I can’t go higher than 120mg a week with T as it impacts my sleep so bad. Or else i would just blast 500mg a week or so with T only.

Can you name some of them from the top of your mind?

That’s the way to go in my opinion. TRT already puts you way above physiological DIETING levels since T is normally low during a diet. So keeping T steady is an edge on its own during a diet which should make it a lot easier to keep every bit of muscle and have better workouts as well as wellbeing.

On that note:
There was a good article from christian thibaudeau on this site recently were he said, that most people don’t lose muscle if they diet right (without TRT), it’s just that they have way more fat than they think.


So primo mass is supposedly very keepable. That’s based on what pretty much every user has reported since the dawn of the Internet forum. I imagine the reason is because it doesn’t show up as lots of extra mass like nandrolone or high test, so none of that water and glycogen is lost post cycle because, wel, there isn’t any. What you get is just lean tissue.

You should get zero pip from primo, especially the pharma version. The ester isn’t known for any kind of pain at all, and the pharma stuff is 100mg/ml, which is about half of what it can hold out without any extra solvents.

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I have very low SHBG after i started TRT… It’s usually between 13-22. Will Primo further crush my SHBG? If yes , to a what degree it will and what will be it’s effects you think?

It likely will lower SHBG. To what degree is hard to estimate. But I notice no difference between SHBG at 11 and at 27 (my last two lab results), so take that for what it’s worth.

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I understand… I guess i’ll see for myself…

I hit so many strength plateaus in my training and i wonder if primo will help on that… I still have little info on the drug’s working mechanism.

Should i add something that gives strength so i can take full advantage of primo+trt cycle?

Oxandrolone is a great addition for strength. Six weeks at 50mg/d is enough to give you a great boost plus a little bit of muscle growth. Honestly, I could live the rest of my life only using test, primo, and oxandrolone.

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Thank you for the info bro. Much appreciated.

Have you seen major changes on your lipids or any other side effects from anavar?

Anavar is oxandrolone right?

Because i was thinking of adding 10 or 20mg of anavar daily for strength. Not sure if it will be effective or worth it at that dose.

If you’re able to go 50mg/day so you make it worth it. Personally I think 10-20mg wouldn’t do anything noticeable especially since Anavar isn’t the cheapest choice. Then again, 20mg/day isn’t going to hurt anything. The only sides I experience is a lowering of libido but there were just as many or more that don’t have that issue.