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At Long Last, My Primo Blast

Been planning this one (mentally) for well over a year. Now that I’m stocked up and ready I guess I’m out of excuses. First pin was this evening.

Weeks 1-16
Primo 600mg
TRT 120mg

Weeks 1-5
Anavar 50mg/d
Test PP 150mg

Weeks 12-16
Dbol 10mg/d

Plan is complete and total recomp. I’ve been miserable trying to simply cut, so after getting six pounds down I decided to allow myself to eat a normal diet. It felt better. Now I’m not dreading the strict plan I’ve got for the next 16 weeks. I may make modifications (to either dose, drugs, or macros) as I go. This is experimental after all. Given how smooth this particular primo is to pin I may buy another blast worth by Friday. If I am going to place another order I might as well add something else on, right? So if that’s the case I’ll update any change(s) to the general plan. But I’m looking forward to seeing how much I can do with four months of a perfect(ish) diet and a decent dose of primo. Thank you for coming to my Ted talk.


So you’re running 120mg test throughout… but for wks 1-5 you’re also running an extra 150mg testosterone phenylpropionate? Firstly, why phenylpropionate, secondly, wants the point?

Just wondering

Have you tested the primo? Even re agent testing is fine, might not tell you how much primo you’ve got… but it’ll tell you if you’ve got primo in there

What are thinking diet-wise? Looking to do a TRT/Anavar cut before summer myself.

I wanted to try this source’s TPP, which is why I chose that ester. Slightly longer than prop, not known for pip, and in the future I may want to use it for a shorter blast. So it’s experimental.

And his primo tested as labeled, independently verified.

So my biggest diet struggle is avoiding too many carbs. I just love grain-based stuff. So I decided that I’d give them up for a while and see how that goes. This should give me extra room for the protein that I’m lacking on those heavy pasta or bread days.

As far as total calories go I’m pretty frustrated. I ate 1,800 calories yesterday and woke up +2lbs today. It’s like I cannot find a decent maintenance level day-to-day. So the plan is simply get in a lot of protein, stay under 2,000, and tinker from there.

Have you started the blast yet? Water, sodium and glycogen retention are all possibilities, I wouldn’t worry all that much about numbers on the scale, How you look in the mirror should be more telling

Weight can furthermore naturally fluctuate by quite a bit from day to day… 2 lbs is nothing to worry about. Start light, if you cut very aggressively you can hit a wall down the line… metabolism is fluid, it’s prone to adaptation, so if you pull all you’re cards now it’s going to be difficult to shred that final extra bit of fat when the time comes.

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Can’t wait to see what kind of results you get on this. I’ve wanted to run a TRT level of test with moderate Primo for awhile. Keep us posted!

So… what’s you’re exact goal? Do you want to get down to a nice lean 10-12% or go for insanely diced/shredded (6-8%)… the one takes a lot more effort than the other and will induce a fair bit of suffering alongside the way

MY trigger food’s are rice pudding, flings (a type of south african chips) and just about anything with garlic in it… (would say Malva Pudding but I only eat something that unhealthy a few times yearly)… Rice pudding is fantastic… it’s rice with the consistently of pudding and added sugar

Good for carbs/a quick PWO snack if you’re bulking though

Both seem aggressive based on @iron_yuppie’s description. TBH I rarely even see someone in the 10-12% range in person (internet models / competitors aside). Even when I try my damnedest I never get down to below 14-15%. I’m guessing based on this cycle he’s looking for a little mass and and little recomp.

Understandable. You look around 15% in you’re avatar, is that above 15%? Many underestimate just how lean 10-12% actually is. Very frequently I’ll hear people exclaim “I’m 10%” because their top two abs are visible… flexed… with good lighting (I’m exaggerating)… in reality they’re probably closer to 20%

Then 5%, I’ve seen a handful of people around this level of lean at bodybuilding competitions (people who come to watch)… they’re so diced it’s unbelievable, the separation one can see in their triceps (say they’ve got a short sleeve shirt on) is insane (looks like they’ve got feathers implanted subcutaneously)

I caliper at 14% and electronic readers are closer to 16% so I split the middle and call it as you see it. I’ve never been vascular or had that feathered look you state. Even when I try… I just get smaller. As you said most people very underestimate their BF. So I’m very happy at 15% as its better than 95% of the people out there plus I can maintain my mass at this BF with only moderate effort… not “life is miserable” effort.


How old are you brother? You know how well HGH is treating me and I think it will give you the effect you want with regards to cutting. Something to think about as opposed to another blast.

I want your problem!!

I’m at 185 this am, though my average weight over the last 14 days has been 183, so I’m calling that my baseline. If I could end up right at that 185 mark but with a lot less bf I would call it a success. But the truth is I don’t have a set in stone goal. This is an experiment on a few levels and I’m more interested in seeing what happens when I tweak this or that, change one thing, subtract something, add something, etc. I shave the luxury of not needing to impress anyone and the curse of mostly hating myself, so I don’t need external validation and no amount of anything will give me validation internally. So I get to be a blank canvas in that regard.

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It sounds nice, especially if you’re tired of having to eat 3,000 calories just to maintain. But it gets really irritating after a while. I start to dread the feeling of hunger because I know that it means I have to make choices and if I make the wrong ones they haunt me all day. Rinse, repeat. It’s not terribly fun. My wife thinks I’m too hard on myself, which maybe is true. But I’m constantly disappointed with myself if I can’t handle the pressures from work and choose to drown myself in dark chocolate Oreos (best of the non-original Oreos, btw).


That blast is my favorite cycle (minus the TPP and Dbol). Granted, it’s expensive, but I love the results. I’ve not done 16 weeks on it, most I’ve gone is 12. Last couple times I’ve done it my results kind of stalled around week 8-9, but I also did not make any adjustments to diet. Got pretty lean (I would guess around 10-12%, didn’t test just going off visual) and kept what I got for quite a while with little effort. Point being, you can probably keep everything basically the same for the first 8 weeks or so, then you will need to make some adjustments if you want to keep progressing. YMMV.

Good luck man, I think you’ll dig it. I’m planning a cycle to start in April, it will be 700 primo (my normal dose for primo, chosen arbitrarily because I don’t have to do any special math to get my dosing per injection :), TRT test, and tren ace at double the test dosage for the first 4 weeks (testing the high(er) tren/low(er) test style). Was only planning 8 weeks on the primo, but might start it a few weeks early (with a tbol kicker) just for the hell of it.

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I totally get that, I will say that I enjoy not having to worry about times that I “cheat”. But my wife isn’t so fond of our monthly grocery bills :joy:

Man, two things are brutal on the wallet: eating well and eating a lot. If you combine the two then you damn well better have a good job or be doing gay for pay. Otherwise you’ll spend half you money on decent meat and produce.


Haha, right ?! I do both, and it adds up for sure. Thankfully my wife makes good money while I’m the trophy house husband :rofl:

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Have a good job and do gay for pay?