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At Least 21 Killed at V. Tech





This makes me sick. An ACC sister school has to suffer like this is unimaginable. IMAGINE the suffering the parents must be going through. FUCK


Wow, this is really senseless and insane. Fox News is reporting 32 dead.



My prayers are for the grief stricken
I'm thoroughly shocked.


yeah this is a really sad story. I just don't understand what compels people to do these kinds of things.

my thoughts and prayers are definitely with the families who have had to be put through this horrendous act.



pretty fucked up.


I have about a dozen friends that go there, all fine, so this has been in my face all day. Does anyone have any new updates on motive behind the shootings?


Sic fuck. My best to all hurt.


Its a shame that students and faculty are barred from pleading the 2nd on colleges in Virginia. The death toll could have been much lower, still a tragedy; we know now how many can die when people are prevented self defense:

32 innocent lives...

...And one room temperature wack-job who killed himself at the end.


I'm sure our reports here this morning said there was in excess of 2 hours between the first 2 shootings and the next 30 or so.

What were the cops doing for 2 hours? (if that's true)


Maybe I don't get it because i'm British, but that point of view seems wacky to me.

Isn't the fact that guns are so poorly controlled the reason some wacko can walk in to a school and fire a weapon and kill so many poor people?

Rather than arming everyone to the teeth shouldn't you be trying to stop people getting hold of weapons so easily. Maybe it's too late for that, i don't know.

All i know is, I wouldn't know where to get a gun and I have absolutely no fear of anyone pulling a gun on me.


A good friend of mine goes there. I've been trying to call him but couldn't get through. Hopefully him and the survivors are fine. What strikes me is that when the gunman was in the classroom with the students they didn't charge him somehow or defend themselves. I just can't understand how 20 plus students could fail to kill the gunman, defend themselves, and possibly prevent more lives from being lost.


I dunno anymore folks. We are coming completely unhinged in this society. What a tragedy. At the very least this guy had the decency to off himself and save us a bunch of money not to mention the spectacle of trial.


I was just waiting for the first confused soul to come out of the wordwork to blame
an inanimate object for someone's evil actions.

Perhaps this is not the time for
this discussion.

God bless everyone killed today and I grieve with their families.


No mate, I don't blame an inanimate object. There are just as much evil fucks in Britain or America as anywhere else. It's just makes there job that much easier when you can buy big fucking guns so easily.


What took you so long? Boy wasn't this hard to predict?

Ain't it funny how 50 years ago guns were one hundred times easier to get in this country and with a very few notable exceptions things like this were unheard of. I'll take my freedom thanks. You can stay over there in your bureaucratic bassinet.

People are the problem, not inanimate objects.


Criminals will find ways to get guns.

Obviously, he was pretty intent on doing this, he would have found a way to get a weapon from somewhere. Outlawing something simply removes the governments ability to control the sale of something rather than halting the sale altogether.

Gun control only removes the victims ability to defend themselves.


This is twice now in a couple days that I've reminded myself why I avoid these kinds of discussions here for the most part.

Ben Franklin's oft cited quote is all about times like this.

My heart goes out to all those effected and I'll leave it at that.


I totally agree with steadfastred. A armed private citizen can be the most ready defense to a wack-job or criminal with an intent to harm. In New Hampshire the state constitution clearly guarantees the average citizen the right to carry firearms. As a result, lots of folks up here carry. Moreover, many folks carry concealed. Even in bars it's allowed. As far as I'm concerned, that's a good thing.

Over the weekend at a bar in my neighborhood an armed patron saved a bouncer's life when two guys who were ejected from the bar came back with a gun and started shooting at the bouncer. Amazingly, the guys that were ejected from the bar were criminals and were not licenced to carry a gun. But they had one anyway (with no serial number) in their car. They were stopped from killing the bouncer by a bar patron lawfully carrying a concealed weapon. The patron put two rounds in the guy shooting at the bouncer, nonetheless he fled. Folks in the bar chased him and caught him and his friend. The police arrived and arrested the two. The lawfully armed patron has not been charged, pending the investigation regarding his use of deadly force. Under the facts that have been reported, I'd be very surprised if he is charged. Gee, how do you suppose he have been treated under British law?


How many of the 33 dead in Virginia could have been saved if some of the teachers and students lawfully carried? For example, on January 16, 2002 a school shooting spree was cut short at three dead at the Appalachian School of Law when a disgruntled student surrendered to two other students at the school. One of these students had retrieved his a gun from his vehicle after hearing shots being fired.


Condolences go out to everyone affected.

BUT.... enough with the gun law talked. Britain has much higher rates of violent crime than the USA. Canada has more guns per capita than the USA and less violence. So don't blame the guns. Blame the wackjobs who weild them.