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At last a friend visits the States


I have a friend who is on holiday in the US and i will seize the chance to get some decent supplements.

I live in Cyprus which is a small island in the Med, where the only supplements available are creatine, glutamine and protein powder.

Taking into account that i have been training for about 4 years (6'3'' 222lbs 9% BF) what supplements would you recommend that i buy now that i have the chance?




Mag10, Mag10 and more Mag10. If you have any money left, buy Tribex and M.


I'd get Mag-10, Tribex, M, and maybe a bottle of Methyl-1test as early results have everyone loving it.

I'd have your friend get the Mag plan for success right from the Biotest website and have it sent to the hotel or where ever he is staying. It is buy 2 get 1 free with free overnight shipping so no matter how long he is staying it should be there in time.