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At-Home Workout Program for Beginner?

Hi everybody! I’m a 20-year-old woman and I’d like to start working out seriously. My goal is to gain strenght and weight since i’m very very thin, correct valgus knees, (slight) atp and kyphosis. My bad posture is the result of sitting for hours. I went to a physical therapist and i’m already doing postural training but it won’t do much alone.
I will work out at home so I only have dumbbells, a barbell, pull up bar and a bench. This is the program that i wrote down
Goblet squat 4x6
Step up 3x8
DB flyes 3x8
1 arm DB row 3x10
TRX Y 3x10
Farmer walk

Hip thrust 3x10
Half kneeling Landmine press 3x8
Trx inverted rows 3x10
Band face pull 3x10
Rotator cuff exercise
Dead bug

What do you think?

Need flat pressing movement. Maybe replace the flyes with DB bench and put a set of high rep flyes at the end. Also needs a tricep movement. Any type extension or Do a medium grip bench for chest and tris both.

The absolute best advice I can give to a beginner is to eat enough to support your training. A lot of beginners cut their calories too low and after about three weeks wonder why nothing is working.

Physio student here(physical therapist in the states) . Probably should pass whichever routine you end up with, after input from the forum, by your therapist to make sure you are getting the best results.

For example seeing as you have hyper kyphosis of the thoracic where you are rounded forwards, pressing movements or chest flyes will strengthen structures anteriorly/at the front, tightening up and pulling you further into kyphosis, potentially worsening your issue. I see that you’ve put both pulling and pushing kind of movements in your program so in all likelihood these will cancel each other out i.e. no change in posture. A focus on pulling movements and thoracic extension will be of great benefit.

Your physical therapist can suggest exercises such as lunges to substitute with step ups giving the threefold benefit of: Opportunity to Practice and Improve Knee Tracking for Valgus Knees, Stretching the Hip Flexors (contributing to Anterior Pelvic Tilt) and retaining all the benefits of step ups. Well… at least that would be my suggestion.

Practicing as good of a posture you can manage at all times is also invaluable. Standing, sitting or wherever a quick self check of your posture and correction can over time work to reverse the effects of poor posture. Unfortunately it works the other way too so if you retain or fall back into old habits you’ll be setting yourself back and undermining the effort you’ve put into exercising and such.

If you’ve anyway questions pls feel free to ask.