at-home work

hey has anyone ever tried or had success with the work at home “stuffing envelopes” types of jobs? as we all know, this little lifting/eating/supplementation habit of ours isnt exactly cheap, especially for a college kid (although we all figure out ways to get by and grow). i hate to keep leeching off of my parents, and i help out as much as i can, but i’d like to make some extra cash to help out that doesnt get in the way of my studies or workouts.

My friends “girlfriend” did that. But she was a loser. Anyway, it seemed to make some money. She would get a box of what seemed like a million cards/envelopes/whatever, and get a group of friends together, watch a movie, and all work on them. Actually seemed like a pretty alright way to make money.

Don’t waste your time, JC#10. It’s a scam. Look, you obviously have a computer. Go to a website like this or this and get a flavor for some of the web based businesses there are. Both of these are “scam-free zones” if you know what I mean. No bullshit, just forums where people share ideas on how to make money from home using their computers. It’s worth a shot.

thanks for those websites. in regards to the envelope stuffing, i went to yahoo, typed in “envelope stuffing” and first thing that came up seemed pretty legit, and there was no registration fee (which if there is, i wont even consider cuz then you know its a scam), so i might possibly look into that. although i am a bit skeptical b/c it almost seem too good to be true. you know, a couple hundred dollars per week/month for stuffing god damn envelopes.

Tutoring generally gives a good dollar per hour return compared to other jobs typically held by college students. Have you ever given any thought to that?

Good idea, Jared. And JC, the operative phrase there is “sounds to good to be true”. Trust me, if it does sound to good to be true, it most likely is. I know of many people who have tried stuffing envelopes, and without exception, they all ended up disappointed.

You mentioned you wanted to work from home, which is why I suggested those web sites, but if you’re willing to work on campus, you can usually find jobs there that will fit into your schedule. I used to work at the school food service for 3 hours a night (4 to 7 p.m.) for a little extra spending cash.

9 times out of 10 a lot of those, at-home work, is a scam.

If you have to invest money into it I would stay away, far away, thats useally the case.

The other thing you can do is check w/ the Better Businees Beuruea if they have any complaints.

Just to warn though if its a new company the better business beuruea won’t have any complaint until 10 days its been open. And companys could be under 3-5 diffrent aliases.

Just be careful. As the saying goes “If its to good to be true it probably isn’t true.”

Couple of suggestionsi if you are looking for work, why don’t apply for a easy desk job at your school like working in the library, or working at the school gym, or the computer lab.

I those type of job is easy and have no stress involved. Plus they may even allow you to study while you work…Its something to look into…

Or if your GPA is high enough go w/ Jared suggestion tutor.

Seach for job listings in the school paper or online on your school web site…

Um, no flame intended, fitone, but I think those suggestions were given already. (At least we’re on the same page)

mamann we were on the same page. Sorry, I was just adding a few more suggestion for him. And I was meaning to post this earlier but I keep on getting a Error msg… and I know you weren’t flamming me.

U don’t usually flame people.

Sorry, if it was repeative info…

Well if JC’s University is anything like mine - or having to deal with the budget nightmares like mine is having, the only way for him to be employed by a University department is if he’s a Work Study student.

Another suggestion: check out your local Small Business Administration office or go to their website. They could be another helpful resource.

thanks for all the reply’s, guys. actually, i was considering working in the library. the thing i was worried with was finding a job that gets in the way of my studies and workouts. for instance, i have a buddy who works at abercrombie, and even though he doesnt train/eat like us, theres no way he can get any homework done. as i said, i was a bit skeptical when i came across the website, and said “$300 dollars a week for that? what the fuck?” thats why i wanted to get some opinions if it was real, or real bullshit. i definetely think im going to apply at the library. my question is why the hell do they make rent so expensive in a town full of broke college kids? (especially ones who spend $400 dollars a month on food!!!)

What school do you go to. Some college town are full of rich kids (parents that are rich). Thats why they charge so much for rent. Otherwise they live on campus.

This might be a little out of context, but you're obviously a t-man, and I would dare say in good shape, right? Why dont you just get certified as a personal trainer and get a job working at a gym? It's what I do and it beats the hell out of any job I could get before I graduate.... Just a thought.

hey patricia–i checked into that work/study program, but its only for families with really low income…i just want/need some (more) money to help pay, or pay for all my food and supplements, because as we all know those can be mighty expensive. if i was a “normal” student, eating cereal, mac and cheese, or pbj sandwiches for my 2 meals a day i would be ok, but im “one of us” so its a bit more expensive.

i go to CU (boulder) and yes, it is full of rich kids. (many of whom are in the greek system, though. i dont really fit in up there b/c its all soy eating hippies and drunk greeks, so i just hang with the football players.) so yeah good point. as for the personal training, yes, im a tman and yes, i stick out in a college classroom (im no giant, but you know what i mean), but im taking a lot of hours and want a job where i can do my homework, such as working at the library. i already make a few extra bucks by writing workouts for people, but i just dont have the time to personal train. good idea, and i appreciate it, but i just dont think i can right now.

JC: I know what you’re saying. Unfortunately, in my position (where I hire student workers), I have no choice in light of current budget hellishness, but to hire only work-study students. Your U could be completely different (i.e: have lots of money on hand to hire regular-pay students). And I really hope so.
I wish you luck. I also commend you for looking into doing something rather than sitting on your butt and having your parents pay for everything!
Oh, ever thought that maybe, just maybe your parents might also have some ideas for you?

JC#10 Anthor awsome place to work in school is the computer lab! You can study all you want there. You may have to stock books on occasion in the library. But see if you can get a lab tech job. All you do is babysit the computers… Great place to study and work at the same time.

Some times you may have to work on the CPU but thats amost rarely. I would take a look into it…

Hope this helps…

fitone had a good suggestion about getting a job in a computer lab, considering that you want to study while you work. Getting a job in a gym will also provide that, be it the university gym or a private gym. Not great money, but you’ll be getting paid to study.

But back to my suggestion, tutoring. I guess there are four kinds: 1) Underpaid school-sponsored tutoring 2) Adequately paid private tutoring services (Sylvan, Kaplan, etc.) 3) Overpaid private tutoring (i.e. rich kids not making the grades) and 4) coed tutoring (easy way for nerds to get dates). I’ve done all but the overpaid private tutoring. I’ve had friends make really good money doing that. Currently, I work for Kaplan, but they just do test prep (SAT, GRE, etc.) They pay for “prep” time, so for each hour you’re teaching, they’ll also pay you for time outside of class to prepare for it. You can also triple what you’d make doing a minimum wage job.

Also, how about stripping? Other than selling drugs, I don’t think you’ll beat the $/hr return.

If your grades are good you could also consider tutoring OFF campus. Lots of rich parents with kids in highschool pay big bucks for tutoring services.