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At Home, HIIT-Only Leg Workout?

I need some advice on a routine. Im working out at home but I can do pull ups and inverted rows on my old climbing frame.

Day 1 - Shoulders, Chest and Triceps.
Seated Dumbbell Clean and Press
Push Up
Chair Dip

Day 2- Back, Lats, Biceps, Forearms, Abs and Core.
Inverted Rows
Pull Ups/Chin Ups (band assisted)
Hammer Curls
Wrist Curls and Reverse Wrist Curls
Reverse Crunch
Dorsal Raises
Butt lifts

Day 3 -Legs, Cardio, Light HIIT
HIIT Running up hills.
Calf Raises

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are are Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 respectively.
Ill then do my second Day 1 on Thursday. Ill fit in a second Day 2 at some point over Friday and the week end. If I have time I might also fit in a Day 3, but sometimes not.

Day 1. Wider shoulders are my number one priority so my first exercise is the seated dumbbell clean and press as recommended by Christian Thibaudeau;

Then I do push ups. At the moment push ups are hard enough to keeps me in the 8-12 reps range. As I get stronger ill raise my legs up and eventually put weights in a backpack. Id thought id keep doing push ups not bench presses to work my core aswell. Im naturally quite stocky. Ive lost some weight over the last 6 months through running/cycling alone and people have asked me if id been lifting weights as my chest is good already, so its the last of my priorities.
Final exercise of day 1 is chair dips. I understand this hits shoulders and chest aswell but its mainly about knackering my triceps.
I was considering adding in some lateral raises or similar to isolate my lateral delts to aid with width. Can anyone recommend sets/ reps for this? Ive heard lateral delts are slow twitch so do I need more volume?

Day 2 is Inverted Rows and Assisted Pull ups. I start with the Inverted Rows as their a bit easier so it gives me more of a warm up before the Band Assisted Pull Ups. I dont have much equipment but I can do both these exercises on my old climbing frame. Perhaps I should alternate which exercise I start with? 
As their both pulling movements I do my extra biceps work on this day with some Hammer Curls. The fist half of the Seated Dumbbell Clean and Press from Day 1 is also Bicep work so Im not getting optimum rest. Should I do the fist half of the Seated Dumbbell Clean and Press on my back day instead? This would mean Day 1 would be pushing movements and Day 2 would be pulling movements. Would I be hitting some muscles in my shoulders twice in two days though? 

I know they will grow with the rest of my work out but my forearms are lacking so I do Wrist Curls and Reverse Wrist Curls. I havn?t got round to it yet but im going to make one of those bars that you can attach weights to on a rope so you can twist the bar to lift/lower the weight. 
Day 2 is a lighter day than Day 1 so I also do my abb work with Reverse Crunches. 
I see a chiropractor a couple of times a year as I used to get nagging pains in my back from running. He hasn't told me not to do any exercises but under his instruction I do modified versions of Dorsal Raises and Butt lifts (laying on my back), again on Day 2 as its less intense than Day 1.

Day 3 is a bike ride until my thighs are a bit tired and then I do HIIT style sprints up a steep hill and jog down it again. I guess this isn't hard core HIIT training but it hits my muscles and metabolism much harder than normal cardio does. I plan to steadily increase the HIIT running part as I go along. 
I finish up with some calf raises. Their already worked from the running but I could do with some more size gains on them. 

Any thoughts?

My main issue is with sleep. Ive always been a troubled sleeper. While exercise is good for my sleeping in the long run, training too hard can seriously affect that nights sleep. This is why I need more than most to split my routine, rather than do full body days, even though im a relative beginner. This is also why im going to increase the HIIT steadily. Jumping straight into a crazy HIIT also caused insomnia that night.

At the moment Im not doing any Squats/ Dead-lifts/ etc. This is because I enjoy my cardio/ HIIT work and im already working my legs hard. Its also nice to have them rested for my HIIT training. I wont get maximum size gains but at the moment this doesn’t bother me. If my thighs start to look out of proportion then I might rethink this, but initially I want upper body size gains, and endurance performance out of my legs. I run up the hill as fast as I can so its going to build fast twitch muscles.

What are the benefits of squats and other lower body exercises apart from lower body size gains? Im training for size so I dont mind if my practical strength isnt what it could be.

Is the hammer curl the best bicep isolation work? If it also hits my forearms then great.

I take Christian Thibaudeau’s advice so with bicep, tricep, forarm, calf and abbs, I keep tension at all times and go to failure. With the big compound exercises I stay a few reps from failure and momentarily pause at the extended moment.

Im still experimenting with sets. Ive heard that as a beginner my body will respond well to fewer or even just one set. The thing that stops me going to hard with either sets or reps is the sleep issue again, so im going to start slowly and build up.

Thanks a lot

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