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At-Home Blood Test?

Hey all,

31 year old male
10+ years training

With the state of the world right now (I live in Canada) I’m having a really hard time getting in to see my family doctor. I’ve spoken with her about requesting a blood test and she’s looking for a better reason than me explaining I’m almost mid cycle obviously because she’s not giving me a req for a blood test.

Does anyone know if there’s a way I can do a walk in somewhere? Or even mail in a test?

My sister is a nurse so having the blood drawn wouldn’t be an issue.

Thanks in advance

Not to pry but why do you need one? Whats the urgency? Barring more than minor complications from cycle I’m not sure I see the need.

No urgency. No real reason to be completely honest. No sides, feeling good. Just always assumed it was good practice.