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At 6'3, How Much Do I Have to Weigh?


before i ask ill provide some basic info about myself..i started out skinny 180 at 6 foot 3 when i was 17.now i weight 215 at 19 with pretty much same bodyfat level and i still pretty much look skinny.

my measurments

arms 16.5

calves 16(which is amazing because they look like 14 inchers to me)

thighs 25

chest 43-44

forearms 13

wrists 7.6

ankles 9.2

bench 270ish

squat 315x2

deadlift 405x1

so my quistion is how much would i need to weight to actually start looking decently muscular and what kind of measurments would i need to have.


post pics


Well if you take the multiple of 4 and divided it by 2.5 and then multiply it by 500 .95554 - 5^2-2 x 1.2 x 400= the weight you need to be to look muscular.


lol will do...


One of my workout buddies is 6'3 and he looks pretty thick at 250.




only pics i could find


I would say gain at least 20 lbs before you look built. your biceps and lats are good size, chest looks small and shoulder and traps could use a lot more size.
heavy pec deck for chest?


350 is a good number to shoot for


6'3 is definitely on the taller side. I'm sure 20 lbs is not going to be enough to make you look 'built'. My usual training partner is 6'3 and at 220-225 lbs, while he's pretty damn solid, he looks nowhere near what most serious gym rats would call built. Also, you're going to have to take into account bf% when figuring #'s. If you were 225 lbs in contest condition, at your height, that would be visually respectable. I would guess that you're gonna need to be on the other side of 240 before you're stretching out clothing and having the impact I think you're gunning for.



You would probably look filled out around 250-260, it would take more to look big. I remember when i worked for a gym and worked with an IFBB pro and asked him how much id have to gain to look big (i was 179) at the time. And he laughed. Said i had a good structure but i wouldnt even look filled out until 230+. he was right and your 3 inches taller then me lol


For a point of reference, my avi is me at 6'3" 225-230, not as lean as you are. I get some comments on my size but not often, and only from non-gym goers (and those who knew me at 180lbs). I would say a leanish 245-250 would be impressive. I'm still years from that.


This pretty much. I'm 6' and it took me getting north of 250 before the competitive bodybuilder's at my gym even noticed me.

Regular people will think you are on steroids circa 215.


20lbs in only the right places would make a significant difference on you. Keep the waist tight while building and you'll look bigger by effect. I'm big on keeping ab and oblique training practically weightless and in the 30 rep range. I want it solid, not thick. I'm 6'1 and walk around at only 220lbs, contest weight is 198lbs.


OP I am taller than you. Having big shoulders (you already have a small waist) may be the easiest way to stand out. are you pushing yourself to lift heavy on lateral raises and front delt raises?

And of course we all need to gain size all over


so i guess i have to bulk to 250 haha...what kind of routine would u guys suggest a regular bodybuilding split or something like 5x5.


you should weight 57 pounds


Im 6'3 and started out at 170, very skinny. For reference, i am currently 260ish and i would say im just now getting to the point where im a genuinely big person, I.E. i almost never go anywhere besides the gym where i see people bigger than me. Even at 225 i was still too skinny, and i dont think ill really be "huge" until im hovering around 280 at similar body fat levels as im at now.


yeah filling out for tall guys is a bitch but hey when we do fill out we get to be jacked and tall at the same time haha.

can i ask what your routine looks like?and your diet?