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At 58, Got My Test Levels Checked


i'am 58 yrs old, got my test. checked it was 367, i lift 5 days a week, 16 % b.f. , is this good


Hi roctober. The normal range for a man yor age is approximately 200 to 900 ng/dl. Your test indicates you are in the normal range, but slightly below average. If you are experiencing any substantial symptoms (greatly decreased libido/performance, severe fatigue, decreased mental functioning, apathetic depression), you might be a candidate for HRT. However, if you are doing OK, and it sounds like you are based on your BF and training, I personally would not recommend HRT for you. You might consider natural/supplement T boosters like the Biotest products or others with Tribulus, reservatrol and various aminos.
Of course, listen to your doctor, but beware of someone who says you have a clasic case of "Andropause" and absolutely needs T. Good luck...


You need to have a least 2 tests done, both in the early AM, both at the same time of day, no alcohol the night before test and a full night of sleep before test.

You need total Testosterone & free Testosterone & SHBG tested.

367 is low. If you are happy with your physique, libido and energy levels then no need to worry. My guess is that all three of the above would improve if you
got your levels higher.


3 years on HRT.

(1) No Androgel/Testim, ever. Refuse it!
(2) Get pituitary check, arginine infusion test if poss
for HGH.
(3) Get prolactin checked, if possible.
(4) If you DO get HRT, realize that any exogenous test will shut you down and will simply be replacing what was there before. Insist that the dose is big/frequent enough to make it worth doing. For me, 250 mg/week of Test Cyp.