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At 4:20 on 4/20/2020 There Will Be 4 20’s, So Let’s Deadlift

Last year started the beginning of a beautiful tradition I want to continue and pass on to some of you psychos as well

On 4/20/2019 I pulled 420 pounds for the meme number of 69. Had me all sorts of destroyed and feeling horrible. So the only obvious answer for this year? 420 for 4 “sets” of 20. I’m hoping to do the whole 4 sets of 20, but this is no simple matter so I decided to make them “sets” to include rest pauses, throw up breaks, etc.

I figured I’d post at the beginning of the year this time to see if any others would enjoy the challenge as well. If you want to video, video it, if not (I may video a few sets like last year, but the gym was busy when I went last year and made it kind of difficult to video. This year will probably be similar so the likelihood of 4 videos is probably pretty low) just post how many you got, if you had to break it up, if you finished all four sets of twenty in full, whatever.

Also, before any weirdos come in here upset, straps, belts, touch-‘n-go, deadstop, axle (you know who you are), anything is allowed. Not really a “winner” challenge per-say, just a let’s-get-demolished-together thing.


So are you supposed to smoke the weed before, during or after the deadlifts?


Whichever proves to be more advantageous in your efforts my friend.

You are a sick man. A single set of 420 x 20 would be enough to destroy me, but four of them? :skull:

That’s why I added the quotations. 4 of them will kill me too more than likely, so I’ll wind up doing rest pauses or what-have-you by the end.

I don’t smoke much weed anymore but it seems fitting for a 4:20 deadlift challenge.

IIRC most of us were in the 40 rep range with the 405 challenge. I probably could have kept up an EMOM pace for another 50 minutes with another 15 lb on the bar.

That’s probably the only way I could hit 80 reps total with 420, especially since I’m just getting back into lifting after a couple years away from the bar.

420 for a set of 20 is extremely difficult even for me. Basically my max capacity with that weight. Are you guys serious about doing 4 sets of that? Did y’all become deadlift gods when I wasn’t looking?


This is delightfully sickening. I couldn’t pull 80 reps of 420 in a single day, doubt that’ll change by April. God speed to the participants.

I put it out there for the monsters on here. I know I can get a single set of 20. I did a 4x10 with 500 a week and a half ago (4 days after pulling 585 with the flu following a 405x2x10) andI am going to be pushing for sets of 20 again soon.

Last year I did 420 for something like 12,11, a few sets of 10 and random amounts until I did 69 total. The plan is to do “sets” of 20 meaning that it would probably end with doing a set of 10, and doing rest pauses until I’m done with the set.

The end goal is obviously to do a true 4x20, but it probably won’t happen this year. One day though.

EDIT: Want to add too I’m a lard right now weighing around 230 currently. Hoping to not be that heavy come 4/20 but I don’t really give af about weight. Just figured I’d add for context

I wouldn’t smoke weed whilst deadlifting. Cannabis has effects on the cardiovascular system, potentially ranging from the inducing of arrhythmia. It has been implicated regarding causing (ventricular tachycardia, atrial fibrillation, tachycardia, however data is mixed regarding whether people who acquire these effects are predisposed (old age, pre existing cardiac pathology etc)) and whether it actually does increase the risk for serious arrhythmia. Just about everyone who has smoked cannabis can tell you that there is a dose dependent increase in heart rate (though most don’t pay attention to this as it’s so “chilling” in nature, however if I smoke/eat a lot I’ll notice my RHR can hit 100… we are talking about a LOT here… Say .75 grams or so smoked or .3 grams + in edibles… should be noted the cannabis acquired in Australia isn’t nearly as strong as what I’ve gotten in Spain, Amsterdam or the US… Leaves, stems etc are still common where I procure from.

Furthermore, some new data has come out revealing regular cannabis use may induce morphological changes in the heart muscle (cardiac enlargement) associated with subclinical deteriorations in cardiac function, appears these effects are reversible… and given the study was taken in the UK, it’s very possible the structural abnormalities were due to the fact that almost all Europeans (and Australians) tend to mix cannabis with tobacco, of which is known to induce subclinical alterations regarding cardiac parameters.

I’d be careful regarding deadlifting and cannabis… that being said I’ve gone dancing/clubbing while on cannabis before, doesn’t effect me like it does many, I tend to become energetic/talkative whilst others pass out/vegetate… still wouldn’t recommend. Furthermore dose dependent psychomotor impairment may lead to you injuring yourself or someone else. The heart (and many tissues within the body) do have cannabinoid receptors

Perhaps I’m over-reacting but I do think a heavy, compound lift (and gym in general) should be done sober

Now that’s an interesting picture, lifting up the bar, struggling with a lit joint in you’re mouth, smoke steaming out (literally)…

for 4/20 this year I’ll probably head out to a protest (legalisation rally) due to the still draconian, prohibition era tactics police will initiate to try catch guys with small amounts of weed… it gets people talking… so long as people don’t act like dickheads and start openly lighting up in front of the police/making a ruckus everything should be fine (happens sometimes). Problem is, when people light up in the park (like they should theoretically be able to, similar to a cigarette, it harms no one other than themselves) en mass during a mass protest, police tend to see, and WILL waste their time arresting/giving out fines… We have the most draconian, nanny state police presence, so a protest on cannabis… the authorities will literally ejaculate hearing three words “protest and cannabis legalisation”

Last year a 15 y/o girl was punched in the face by the cops during one of these rallies… was ruled to be adequate conduct despite being totally out of line

the yearly protest is a peaceful demonstration, such violence isn’t welcomed… though the crowd from what I recall became incredibly agitated/aggro after this occurred… I wasn’t at the rally but I will be this year to voice my support. It’s a far cry away from binge drinking (heavily condoned and encouraged even within our society) in terms of deleterious impact to health

Overall, please don’t smoke cannabis then deadlift… I don’t think it’s safe… perhaps workout then smoke cannabis once you’re parasympathetic nervous system has adequately recovered?

I like turtles :slight_smile:

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Are these turtles the teenage mutant ninja type? Or just regular turtles

yea, I mean I can do that. A year ago I did 485 for 14 in a minute with an axle bar, so 420 for 20 with a regular bar shouldn’t kill me. And set 2 would probably be fine too. But this shit gets HARD when you get to set 3. Everything wants to shut down. Maybe if I gave myself an hour or so to do it, it wouldn’t eat me alive.

I’ll be 181 this time tomorrow :slight_smile:

I appreciate your concern. I don’t smoke very often but it’s legal where I live. I was just making a joke because I was expecting something weed-related in a 4:20 thread.

It’s also worth pointing out that my only lifting injury (sports hernia) took place while I was both sober and wearing a lifting belt.

I remember when I ate a brownie and pulled beltless I got 405 for 15. I actually agree on doing heavy work sober and clear headed, but banging out reps high is great for me.

I’d sometimes have an edible right before lifting. I do big compounds first so it doesn’t really kick in until I’m on to assistance work. By the time that’s done it’s really kicking in, perfect timing to enjoy the sauna, pool and hot tub.

Might need to give that a go this weekend.

Competing this weekend?


Won’t kill me either. Did two sets of 425 off a ~4-5 inch deficit for 15 last night, and followed it up with 455, 495 and 545 for singles.

Yep. Done sets of twenty before.

I’m aware of that and is the main reason I added in the quotes around “sets”. Also, time wise, take as long as you need to finish the reps and “sets”.


Again, nothing about this entire post was meant to be braggy or trying to flex. I’m doing this challenge I started doing last year and wanted to extend the challenge to the guys I’ve talked to or anyone on the site wanting something super hard to complete. Do it, don’t do it, either way.

I didn’t think it was, I was just shooting the shit, lol. And honestly this challenge just makes me want to vomit looking at it on paper.

But you should be bragging, your lifts have gone WAY up since you started posting on here. Your deadlift numbers are seriously good.

I feel like I may have come off in a way I didn’t intend, as I mentioned earlier my brain’s a bit foggy from water cutting, so apologies for that.

yessir. A show in Austin, Tx. First time I’ve done 181 in over a year.

I’m actually planning to cut to 175 for the first time since 2014, to compete in the Ronnie Coleman Strongman Classic here in Dallas in April. The winner gets all expenses paid to compete in the Arnold next year, and I’ve got a shot. The strongest guy I know in Texas in the 175 class won’t be competing, and I’m arguably the 2nd strongest, so I’m gonna pushing hard for that. There will definitely be competitors from all over the country showing up, but I know I can get the job done.


I appreciate it man and really hope to see you and some of the other guys here doing it as well. I miss coming into this thread and seeing challenges and random bullshit to try. Especially being a guy who doesn’t compete or anything.

I appreciate the kind words brother and good luck with your comp. Hoping to see a juicy write up in your log!

yea… i should probably keep up with that better. I’ll make sure I do for this show. And I’ll talk about the Ronnie coming up as well. There’s a mystery event in that show, which I’m super excited about.

So there’s a deadlift event at this show, and the promoter made the weights stupidly light for my weight class. It’s a medley. 3 reps with farmers handles at like 225 each, 2 reps with a barbell at 460ish, and then 1 rep with an axle bar at 485 I think. I’m counting on the fact that I don’t need straps on any of the lifts to give me a win. I imagine most people will strap in for the axle, and it just isn’t necessary.


Hell yeah, good luck man!