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At 35, Start Getting Test Levels Checked?

I am recently 35. I am wondering what you guys think about getting tested for test levels due to age only. I may not be a teenager, but my drive is still strong and I am in good shape. I wish I could pack on muscle quicker and recover faster… that would be my primary reason for asking doc about TRT… just curious if you think age alone would justify asking doc or would you wait for real symptoms?

Wait for symptoms. Anyway, you’d only be prescribed TRT if you have subpar values and symptoms not just vague symptoms like fatigue or that you just wish to gain muscle at some unique rate.

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I also want to say that this notion that all men over 35 need TRT. I actually think most don’t.

I’d wait for symptoms as Brick suggested. There may come a time when you need it but if you feel good, have low bodyfat (especially abdominal) and no bedroom issues, I’d be a happy 35 year old.

With all that said, it would not hurt you to go to the TRT forum and read about other men’s experiences, symptoms, etc.