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hi there guys, i’m having a problem hope u can help me with.
i noticed i have one side of my body that is a bit bigger than the other , which is my left side!my left arm is 1 inch bigger than my right although my right is stronger, my trapz are higher on the left side. i tried dumbles but nothing have changed yet. i’m into a mass building phase right now so how can i deal with this problem???

I have the same situation. I tried the heavier workout on the right side, but to no avail. I am now thinking that the problem is that the right side of my body doesn’t get the recovery relief that the left side gets, becuase I use it so much in everyday life, so it doesn’t grow as well.

use a lot of dumbells and single arm and single leg excercises doing the weaker side first. also check out your flexibility and your posture. laters pk